Some Sly Programmers Just Added Instagram Filters And A Selfie Stick To ‘Doom’


Doom isn't just for blood and guts anymore... now it's also for filters and selfies.

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A Brief History Of The Ascent Of Co-Op Gaming

Promoted by Evolve

'Evolve' has four-on-one competitive co-op... but it took decades, and a few cultural shifts in gaming, to get there.


Watch Adam Savage Take On ‘DOOM’ In This Preview Of The ‘MythBusters’ Video Game Special

By | 8 Comments

Ever wonder whether or not you could actually carry all those weapons in 'DOOM'? Yeah, me neither.


Watch Lead Designer John Romero And His Still-Beautiful Hair Play Through The Original ‘Doom’

By | 3 Comments

Learn about the creation of 'Doom' from the magnificently-maned John Romero.

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Hey Kids Of The ’90s, You Can Now Play 2,400 MS-DOS Games For Free In Your Browser

By | 24 Comments

There's a good chance you can now play all your favorite obscure childhood PC games in your browser.

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‘Doom’ And ‘Mario 64′ Had A Baby That You’re Definitely Going To Want To Play


'Doom: The Golden Souls' is the Doom/Mario 64 mashup you never knew you wanted.

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What If Your Favorite Video Games Had An Impossible Difficulty Setting?

By | 4 Comments

What if you had to start Pokemon with a Magikarp? What if your Excitebike racer was morbidly obese? This is insane difficulty in action.


The Long-Delayed ‘Doom 4′ Is Now Just ‘Doom’ And It Will Be A Reboot

By | 2 Comments

The next 'Doom' has been in development hell for years, but it was finally unveiled for real at this year's QuakeCon.

Top 50 Best Looking Games

GammaSquad’s 50 Best-Looking Games Of All Time (#10 – #6)

By | 9 Comments

We wrap up our series on the Best-Looking Games with the first five of the top ten!

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15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About ‘Wolfenstein 3D’

By | 5 Comments

Here's a few things you might not know about 'Wolfenstein 3D', the first FPS that really mattered.

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Did The Creator Of Doom Steal The Tech For The Oculus Rift? Zenimax Media Thinks So.

By | 2 Comments

Did John Carmack steal the technology for the Oculus Rift? Well, it's complicated...

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Pre-Order ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ And Play The Next ‘Doom’ Before Everyone Else


'Wolfenstein: The Last Order' comes with a beta key to the next 'Doom'...

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'Doom: The Mercenaries' Lets You Play 'Doom' As 'Resident Evil 4' Characters


'Doom'? 'Resident Evil 4'? Together at last? Sold! Here's 'Doom: The Mercenaries.'

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Happy 20th, ‘Doom’

By | 6 Comments

Twenty years ago, 'Doom' hit PCs, and gaming was never the same. A look back at a defining franchise, on its twentieth birthday.


Why Google And Facebook Both Offered Billions To Buy Snapchat

By | 3 Comments

Snapchat has turned down two multi-billion offers. But why did it even get them in the first place?

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From Bad To Worst: Every Movie Based On A Horror Video Game Ranked

By | 44 Comments

Movies based on video games are bad, but movies based on horror video games are extra bad...


BlackBerry Finally Decides To Sell Itself

By | 2 Comments

BlackBerry is going to sell itself in hopes that somebody wants to buy it.

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‘Doom: One’ Modernizes The FPS That Started It All

By | 11 Comments

The classic 'Doom' has been updated (for better or for worse)...

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Celebrating 20 Years Of Awful Video Game Movies

By | 73 Comments

This week marks 20 years since the very first video game movie adaptation was released in theaters.

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