Everybody Meet John Travolta Dog, The Dog That Looks Like John Travolta

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An animal rescue in South Australia has a dog up for adoption that totally looks like Travolta Dog.


Conan O’Brien Addresses Accusations That He Fathered An Illegitimate Child

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After consulting his agent and PR professionals, Conan O'Brien puts to rest rumors that he fathered a secret love child in 1993.


Jason Schwartzman Reveals He Has Doppelgangers In One Of The Least Shocking Conan Interviews Ever

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Jason Schwartzman has an army of doppelgangers and they've all got a part in the next Wes Anderson film.


Everyone Needs To Pray That Kate Upton Just Started A New Meme

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For all of its pros and cons, Twitter is, at best, a valuable educational device.


These NBA Doppelganger GIFs Are Pretty Terrifying And Accurate

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I know that banner image isn’t a GIF, but I still haven’t taken the class on GIF editing through South New Hampshire State Tech’s amazing online program.


Which Is The Real Ted Leonsis?

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Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis saw something bizarre after his team lost to Montreal in the first round of the NHL playoffs last night.

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