Watch Alfred Make An Excellent Case For Finally Calling An Exterminator For The Batcave

Alfred gives Batman a much-needed talking-to about his 'pets.'

#Video Games

What If Your Favorite Video Games Had An Impossible Difficulty Setting?


What if you had to start Pokemon with a Magikarp? What if your Excitebike racer was morbidly obese? This is insane difficulty in action.


‘Mega Man’ Meets ‘Breaking Bad’ In ‘Breaking Mega’

In the world of 'Mega Man,' it turns out that dogs can fly, Dr. Light is the one who knocks, and the danger is self-aware.


Star Trek Captains Have All The Balls, Mario’s Berserker Rage, And Links

Today's links, featuring two Star Trek captains (Patrick Stewart and William Shatner) enjoying some balls, Mario running amok, and more.

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