Nikki Jean

Nikki Jean – “Summertime Girl”

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"We ain't got no AC, it's hotter than a motherf***er..."


Nikki Jean Covers Ab-Soul’s “Drift Away”


Singer adds her twist to Soulo's Long Term 2 song.

U God

Blu Gives “NoYork!” To The People For Free

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So the word on the e-streets is Blu was out at the Cali leg of Rock The Bells and was passing out his upcoming album, NoYork.

The Kid Daytona

Double O – If You Didn’t Know…I Produced It


Double O must have known he would be slept-on in 2010, yet that didn't quell his drive to churn out quality throughout the year.

We Got Now

Vic Mensa – Straight Up EP

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If you're anything like me or the rest of my TSS Crew, the thought of a seventeen-year-old rapper these days will give you the side eye and the Cam'ron face.

The Kid Daytona

“Top Of The World” – Review Of Kidz In The Hall’s Land Of Make Believe

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The allure of fame and stardom has drawn many a man in for a chance to bask in their glow.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Kidz In The Hall

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Actual intelligence is an undervalued aspect in Hip-Hop.


Bun B – “Pants On The Ground”

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You already knew it was a matter of time before rap got its hands on General Larry's hit song and remixed it.

The Kid Daytona

Kidz In The Hall Will Be Flickin’ On March 9th

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Keeping in the spirit of strong spring releases for the Hip-Hop community, the Kidz from down the hall will be entering the Land Of Make Believe with a star-studded cast including Just Blaze, Chip Tha Ripper, MC Lyte, Donnis, Amanda [...].

The Professional Leisure Tour

Kidz In The Hall – “We Gone” Video

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Renaissance age rap agents Kidz In The Hall are still trotting the globe on their Professional Leisure Tour as they check in with some professionals in their own right, The Motion Family.

Perfect Attendance Showcase

Nola Darling – ”Step To Me” Video

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Nola Darling, one of the pleasant surprises of Perfect Attendance, debut their video for their song "Step To Me.

#Kanye West

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Present Wild Young Heartbreaks

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If I hadn't seen  Mick & Terry's name on this cover, it'd been easy to dismiss this.


Kidz In The Hall – “Jukebox”

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More educational electronica from those Mensa musicians.


Kidz In The Hall – “Flickin'”

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The Brainiac and the Double O channel their inner 8-Bit Nintendo with this one and why shouldn't they.

The Kid Daytona

The Kid Daytona – Come Fly With Me

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To prepare you for takeoff, he gassed up the jet and gave you The Daytona 500 EP.

The Kid Daytona

“The Daytona 500″

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Making a name in the Hip-Hop industry nowadays is not an easy task.

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