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British Bro Who Lives With His Mom Claims To Have Bedded 200 Women Through Twitter

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The British guy claims to have bedded 200 women in a year because of Twitter. Cool story, Chap.


Fans Rejoice As Miami Marlins President David Samson Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor’

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Despite claiming that he'd win because people underestimate him, Miami Marlins President David Samson was the first contestant booted from 'Survivor.'


Yeah-Yeah From ‘The Sandlot’ Will Kick Your Ass For Trying To Motorboat His Girl

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One of the guys from Simple Pickup made the mistake of asking Yeah-Yeah from 'The Sandlot' if he could motorboat his girlfriend and things got weird.


WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio cuts promo video for Jordan Belfort, possibly at gunpoint

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Martin Scorsese's <a href="" target="_blank">Wolf of Wall Street</a>, which recently <a href="" target="_blank">moved its release date</a> to Christmas Day when it wasn't finished in time for its initial deadline last Friday, tells the story of <a href="" target="_blank">Jordan Belfort</a>, a sleazy Wall Street wannabe who got rich scamming people chopping stocks, a la Boiler Room.


Book: Sad Hedge Fund Billionaire Paid $100K To Have Guy Fieri Be His Friend For A Day

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Steve Cohen: sad billionaire hedge fund guy or saddest billionaire hedge fund guy? Regardless, Guy Fieri took his money and ran.


Here’s Your ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Crime Blotter

By | 4 Comments

'Grand Theft Auto V' has been involved in some real life crimes. My stars!


Justin Bieber May Be The Most Massive Bag Of Douche In World History. Here Are 10 Reasons Why.

By | 55 Comments

A list of reasons why Justin Bieber, the Swagy Bro himself, is history's greatest douche.


Justin Bieber’s Leopard Print Audi Redefines The Meaning Of ‘Douche’

By | 19 Comments

Justin Bieber has a leopard print car because of course he does.

octavia bourdain

Douchebags Now Have A Card They Can Flash In Public To Display Their Douche Credentials

By | 17 Comments

Are you a douchebag looking to up your game? Maybe you should consider The ReviewerCard?


Ryan Lochte Is Hanging Out With The Situation Now Because Of Course He Is

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Olympic gold medalist and guy who trademarked the word “JEAH”, Ryan Lochte turned 28-years old on August 3, which was almost 8 weeks ago, and that’s important to remember because he was the guest of honor at Liv in Miami this past weekend, as he celebrated his birthday.


'Kris Humphries Is A Douchebag' Doesn't Make Kris Humphries Less Of A Douchebag

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<a href="" title="from Kris Humphries, Avin Das, Funny Or Die, Nick Wiger, Cathryn Mudon, James Coker, Rick Shine, and Christin Trogan">Kris Humphries is a Douchebag</a> from <a href="">Kris Humphries</a> It's like when Jessica Simpson puts her fingers in her mouth and makes "widdle ol' me" face because she's monetized being dumb.


Update: Turns Out Crybaby Rangers Fan Has Pretty Good Parents

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Yesterday, we had a pretty great discussion about <a href="">the young Texas Rangers fan who cried</a> when Mitch Moreland tossed a ball into the stands and it was caught by a couple that spent the next 10 minutes taking photos of each other with that ball.


Some Dude Stole ‘The League’s’ Idea for Netflix with Ties

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Back in December, "The League" featured an episode where Taco came up with the not-so-crazy idea of a Netflix type service for neck ties called "Neckflix.


Put Away Those Boobs, Ladies, Kasey Kahne Is Trying To Shop

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In today's hottest "NASCAR driver might not have a great perspective on the world" news, driver Kasey Kahne offended every single human woman on Twitter when he saw a lady breastfeeding her child at the grocery store and jumped on the Internet to complain about it.


Friday Morning Links: Can’t Sleep, Ice Skating Clown Will Eat Me

By | 3 Comments

Links Christmas Commercials from the 1950s and ’60s Are the Best -.

dane cook

Television’s Biggest Douchebags in 2011

By | 33 Comments

"Douchebag" has come a long way since the 1960s when its meaning was spun-off from vaginal cleaning contraption into the most commonly used pejorative in the English language.

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CNBC’s Darren Rovell Has Appointed Himself Chief Of Twitter Police

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Let me just get right to this: Darren Rovell, host of CNBC's awful Sports Biz, is the worst.

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