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The Hollyweird Legal Round-Up: Defamation, Dr. Dre, and You

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The Hollyweird Legal Round-Up is our weekly guide to entertainment industry lawsuits and lawyerly mud-slinging, written by our legal correspondent, real-life Hollywood lawyer "Buttockus Finch.


Conor McGregor Is Sorry For Joking About A Threesome With Ronda Rousey And Miesha Tate

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Conor McGregor apologized on Facebook for his use of an explicit Dr. Dre lyric in responding to a suggestive Tweet about Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.


Finally, A Kanye West RPG: ‘Kanye Quest 3030′ Is Real, And We Have Video Evidence

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Have you ever wanted to play a video game as Kanye West? 'Kanye Quest 3030' is now available for a free download.


Here’s Brian Williams Edited Into Rapping ‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang’ Because Why The Hell Not?

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I really want some context for the "cheel" in "just cheel till the next episode."


ESPN Made A Music Issue So Ryan Lochte Could Ruin Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

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As news leaked yesterday that ESPN had produced a music issue of the network’s magazine that will hit stands on Friday, the spectrum of reaction ran from “Oh God why.


The Highest Paid Musician Of 2012 Hasn’t Released An Album In 13 Years

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A ranking of the highest paid musicians of 2012, including the top-earner who hasn't put out an album in over a decade.

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It’s Eminem’s 40th Birthday, So Let’s Look Back On His Early Pop Culture References

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A look at how well the OJ Simpson and Kurt Cobain references hold up on "The Slim Shady LP," in honor of Eminem's 40th birthday.


Predicting The Next 10 First Ballot Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers

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If Radiohead and Nirvana don't make it during their first year of eligibility, there's going to be Hell to pay.

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Dr. Dre is still jacked: Outtake from ‘Art of Rap’

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I never listened to a lot of rap, because the coarse native rhythms and incorrigible rambunctiousness frightened the help and made my wife clutch her pearls, so to this day I remain ignorant to much of the history.

Dr. Dre Is Making A Crime Drama For FX

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Dr. Dre is teaming up with FX to produce a crime drama based on the Los Angeles music scene. "MAKE DETOX," the world replies.

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Casey Neistat Shows How To Make Your Own Dre Beats Headphones


If you've ever picked up a pair of Dre Beats headphones and put them on, there's a good chance you've thought, "Wow.


Hologram Tupac May Be Touring With Dr. Dre Soon

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In <a href="">my post on the Hologram Tupac yesterday</a>, I made a joke about slimy music industry people seeing dollar signs in this sort of technology and that we shouldn't be surprised when dead artist hologram tours start happening.


Dr. Dre, Ice Cube might cast their sons in NWA movie. Wait, what?

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I haven't heard anything about an NWA biopic (tentatively titled Straight Outta Compton) since they were looking for a director <a href="" target="_blank">almost three years ago</a>, which would seem to indicate that it's in some stage of development hell (meanwhile, the Margaret Thatcher biopic shot straight to finished product before we heard anything about it.


Dr. Dre Wants to Throw Down With Holst

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I'm not even going to waste my time pretending I know a damn thing about rap beyond Dr.

dr. dre


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The only surprising thing about an NWA biopic is that no one's made one yet.

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