LeBron Asks Fans Which Jersey Number He Should Wear For The Cavs


Upon his return to Cleveland, LeBron James has a decision to make: should he wear the No.

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David Stern Presents The Top 10 On The Late Show With David Letterman

The longest tenured sports commissioner in history, David Stern, will officially cease to be the NBA's commissioner starting this weekend.

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Video: Dr. J On The Current NBA & The Greatest Players Of All Time


The Good Doctor, Julius Erving, stopped by Fox Sports1 to talk with analysts Gary Payton and Charissa Thompson.


Best of NBA Instagram: LeBron James In Retro Dr. J Uniform & Nate Robinson Dunk Cam Interview

Perhaps because he lumped Julius "Dr. J" Erving in with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird as his three all-time greatest basketball players, LeBron James felt compelled to dress up as a retro Doc yesterday.


Dr. J Can Still Dunk A Basketball At 63 Years Old

This past weekend Michael Jordan was in the news because he dunked the basketball a couple times at his Flight School basketball camp.


Dr. J Thinks the Lakers Tricked Philly Into Taking Andrew Bynum


Philadelphia is sour over the big bucket of nothing they got out of the Andrew Bynum trade last summer and will be for a long time.

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PoV: Dr. J & The Grouch


David confirmed months ago what elders have been preaching my entire life.


Carmelo Anthony’s Knee Injury May Be Worse Than We Thought; The Indiana Pacers Should Be Embarassed

So who's ready for a sh*tstorm of drama over the Knicks (mis)handling of Carmelo Anthony's knee injury.

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Dr. J, Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Young Chris Come Out For Converse’s Block Party

While different Philly hip-hop acts had been rocking the stage at 52nd Street and Market Street all afternoon long on Saturday at the Converse Block Party, the place wasn't really set on fire until a couple of old area legends came back through to show some love.


20 Historical NBA Teams That Deserve Books Written About Them


This Tuesday, the Jack McCallum's Dream Team book is hitting shelves, which will probably make it the most compelling book about a sports team since The Jordan Rules.

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