Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach’s Work With The Black Keys May Not Be The Best He’s Done


Dan Auerbach is best known for fronting The Black Keys, but he's also proven himself to be an excellent producer.

#Bill Murray

Bill Murray Briefly Tried Being A Roadie In New Orleans Alongside Christopher Walken And Jon Favreau

Bill Murray was hanging with Christopher Walken and some others before briefly serving as a wannabe roadie in New Orleans.


The Top Celebrities Photographed At The 2014 NBA All-Star Game

If you name a central cultural force in hip hop, music in general, the world of comedy, and B- and C- and D-listers trying to get some DAP from the public, then they're probably at the All-Star game — especially when it's in New Orleans.


‘Top Chef: New Orleans’ Recap: Restaurant Wars


This week, on Top Chef: Restaurant wars! But first, Restaurant Sanctions. Then a formal declaration of Restaurant War. Or something!


‘Top Chef: New Orleans’ Recap: Piggin’ Out With Dr. John


This week on Top Chef: The chefstestants are making their own hot sauce and breaking down a 300 lb. pig. Hot sauce and porcine butchery? This is the episode I was born to watch.


So Long Etta James

Etta James is dead after a long battle with cancer, just a day after the death of Johnny Otis, the man widely credited for discovering James and molding her career.

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