Scientists Fact-Check Dr. Oz, And It’s Even Worse Than You Thought

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Dr. Oz doesn't play much of a doctor on TV, according to actual doctors who fact-checked his show.


John Oliver Used A Puppy And George R.R. Martin To Illustrate Everything Wrong With Dr. Oz

By | 20 Comments

John Oliver used a puppy, George R.R. Martin, and Steve Buscemi to make the case against Dr. Oz and the nutritional supplement industry.


Dr. Oz Got Grilled On Capitol Hill Over His Support Of Diet Scams

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The only thing missing from the list of items allegedly approved by Dr. Oz is snake oil.


Dr. Oz Helped Save The Life Of A Woman Whose Foot Was Severed By A New York Taxi Yesterday

By | 7 Comments

When a British tourist lost her foot to a New York City taxi, Dr. Oz came to the rescue...sort of.

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