‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Explains Drax’s Sexist Insult To Gamora: ‘Blame Me, Not Drax’

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James Gunn clarifies the reasons behind Drax calling Gamora a sexist name in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Loki And Drax Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, And Tom Hiddleston Wore A White Shirt Because He Loves Us

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Tom Hiddleston And Dave Bautista are taking this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge seriously, representing Team Marvel right. You're welcome.


A Compendium Of Cool Comics Cosplay: Final Edition!

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It's time once again for our Friday comics cosplay feature, showcasing the best comic book related costumery from the cosplay community.


Vin Diesel Is Groot In ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Dave Bautista Will Eat Your Raccoon

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Marvel finally confirms (with a picture) Vin Diesel's casting as Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Meanwhile, keep Dave Bautista away from your raccoons.


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Collects A New Castmember In Ophelia Lovibond

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Ophelia Lovibond is the newest addition to the cast of 'Guardians of the Galaxy', and we may know who she's playing thanks to a deleted article.


WWE's Dave Bautista Joins 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (Plus An Important Rocket Raccoon Update)

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Dave Bautista has signed for a lead role opposite Chris Pratt in 'Guardians of the Galaxy', and we also have an awesome Rocket Raccoon update.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

Khal Drogo is playing Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy

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With Chris Pratt all set to play Star-Lord opposite a tree man and a talking raccoon (this movie sounds like a stoner's dream), all Marvel has left to cast in Guardians of the Galaxy are the voices (Adam Sandler was rumored at one point), and Drax the Destroyer.


Khal Drogo May Fight Alongside Andy Dwyer In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

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Jason Momoa (AKA Khal Drago from 'Game of Thrones') is rumored to be negotiating to play Drax the Destroyer in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn May Carry The Huge Load Of Directing 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' may be directed by James Gunn of 'Super' and huge loads fame, and we finally have the log line for the film.

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