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Shockingly, Steven Spielberg Wants Chris Hemsworth Instead Of Jack Black For ‘Robopocalypse’

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Two Daniel H. Wilson robot apocalypse novels are being adapted. Guess which one stars Jack Black, and which might star Chris Hemsworth?


Read the actual Jeffrey Katzenberg memo that inspired the Jerry Maguire memo

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I'm sure I don't have to tell you because you already know the movie by heart because it's your favorite, but one of the crucial plot points in Jerry Maguire is Jerry's decision to write and disseminate a heartfelt memo about getting back to the company's roots and focusing on personal relationships.


Review: Falling Skies is Aliens and Drama, But Mostly Drama


TNT sent us the two-hour season premiere and the second episode of their new, Dreamworks-produced sci-fi drama of military strategy has placed him second in command of a group of resistance fighters.


Dreamworks CEO Wouldn’t Mind Trading Places With Farmville CEO


So the new issue of Vanity Fair, the one with the boobalicious pic of Katy Perry on the cover, was finally delivered to my house yesterday (Only about 10 days late and yes I am one of those weird people who still loves to read the physical copies of big, glossy magazines).


Hugh Jackman trains Robot Jox, actually shouts “POW!”

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I've been excited for Shawn Levy's robot-boxing movie, Real Steel, ever since Levy said of the project, “In a movie filled with these mechanical warriors, at its core ‘Real Steel’ is an incredibly human story.


New Real Steel Trailer Punches The Robot

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When people train real robots to box, we take exception to it.



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Cowboys and Aliens, the second release (after I Am Number Four) under the newly-reshuffled Dreamworks arrangement, from director John Favreau and the writers of Lost, Iron Man, and Star Trek, opens July 1st.


Dreamworks is betting long on robot boxing

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In six months, Dreamworks is scheduled to release Real Steel, a film from Hugh Jackman and the director of Night at the Museum about robots with mohawks who I'm told the studio has commissioned John Gatins, who scripted the first film, to start on the second installment.


Was Eddie Murphy the original model for Dreamworks Face?

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The top half of the banner picture comes from Cracked, who the other day had a great list about actors who make the same face in every movie, one of them being Eddie Murphy.


Hugh Jackman trains robots to punch other robots in the nuts

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In Real Steel, from the director of Night at the Museum, Hugh Jackman trains robots to box, which is one of the more ridiculous premises I've ever heard.


Real Steel Bootleg Trailer Totally Punches My Robot

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Somebody heard our complaints about not enough robot fighting in that and released a (probably bootleg) teaser for Real Steel chock full o' robot punching.


At Least It’s Just His Hands That Sparkle

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Yahoo just broke the first full-length trailer for I Am Number Four, the Spielberg/Michael Bay produced aliens-in-high-school movie directed by DJ Caruso, who seems to have completely lost his mind after Salton Sea (which was awesome).


Hollywood making Halo, a movie based on a book about a videogame

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A possible adaptation of Halo, Microsoft's $2 billion video game, has been discussed for a long time.


I Am Number Four gets a teaser trailer

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Dreamworks has just released the first trailer for the Michael Bay-and-Steven-Spielberg-produced, DJ Caruso-directed, aliens-in-high-school movie, I Am Number Four, based on the forthcoming book series from James Frey (the Million Little Pieces guy) and Jobie Hughes.

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Here’s That Monsterpocalypse Update Nobody Clamored For


Back in 2008 when it was still safe to eat shrimp and my retirement savings started to tank (meaning my cat puked on my beanie baby collection thus halving the value of it), Vince said movies based on video games were the new hotness.


Sam Raimi Directing Wyatt Earp Comic Adaptation


Sam Raimi, who's already attached to the World of Warcraft movie and Oz, The Great And Powerful, is now also attached to direct the adaptation of "Earp: Saints for Sinners" from Radical Publishing.


Dreamworks will feed the Trolls, then take a nap

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I can feel it, you guys, I think this is the year Dreamworks finally catches up with Pixar.

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Monsterpocalypse Now


All the way back in 2008 when I was just a naive but dashing starfighter pilot and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Vince reported that board games were the next hot commodity for film deals.


Shrek poster another example of ‘Dreamworks Face’

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Aside from teaching children that sentences that end in prepositions and don't have any verbs are the hip thing to do (if Dreamworks jumped off a cliff, would you.

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