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Craig Ferguson And Drew Carey Will Swap Each Other's TV Shows On April Fools' Day

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Craig Ferguson And Drew Carey will take turns hosting each other's shows on April Fool's Day. Unless it's a trick? I knew it!

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There's Going To Be An All-Plinko Episode Of 'The Price Is Right'

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The people at The Price is Right filmed an all-Plinko episode of the show yesterday to celebrate the immensely popular chip game's 30th anniversary.

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The Charles Barkley Price Is Right Appearance, Or “What The Hell Happened To The Price Is Right”

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Charles Barkley showed up as part of 'The Price Is Right's' second-annual "Celebrity Charity Week" alongside such luminaries as Demi Lovato and two of the four dudes from 98 Degrees, and while it's cool to 1) be on 'The Price Is Right' and 2) win money for charity, what the hell is going on with 'The Price Is Right.


Who Was The Most Valuable Cast Member Of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

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An in-depth examination of the cast of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?,' in which an MVP is crowned.

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A Self-Proclaimed 'Skateboard Rabbi' Went On 'The Price Is Right' High On Shrooms (And Morning Links)

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Watch a "Price Is Right" contestant proclaim he's a "skateboard rabbi" while high on mushrooms (and the Morning Links).


7.28 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Carmen Ortega Miami Is Marathon Sex City <a href="">[The Smoking Jacket]</a> A History Of Fat Joe's (Alleged) Altercations <a href="">[Complex]</a> Facebook Beef Leads To Murder <a href="">[Crunk & Disorderly]</a> Eminem Falls To Rick Ross.

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This lady fainted during the Showcase portion of "The Price is Right.

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Nothing's going on in the world of television right now, so I'm digging into the Internet archives and posting my favorite clip from "The Price Is Right": a guy named Taylor gets on the show on his 19th birthday and just OWNS everyone.

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