A New Study Is Asking If High Alcohol Consumption Could Protect Against ALS

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This new study lives in a place where the Ice Bucket Challenge meets the Smirnoff Ice Challenge.


Bill Cosby To Female Heckler: ‘You Gotta Be Careful Drinking Around Me’

By | 38 Comments

Bill Cosby's comedy tour of Canada took an awkward turn when he decided to handle a heckler with a poorly timed "drinking" joke.


Say Hello to The Netflix-Style Mobile App That Makes Booze Shopping Easy

By | 15 Comments

'Next Glass' is a mobile app that uses a Netflix-style recommendation engine to help users pick new beers and wines to try.


Amy Schumer Stopped Drinking For Her Appearance On ‘The Late Show,’ But Instantly Regretted It

By | 38 Comments

Amy Schumer describes how me she loves to drink to David Letterman. It's addiction with a comedic spin!


Alan Cumming Gives His Point Of View Of Shia LaBeouf’s Drunken ‘Cabaret’ Outburst


Alan Cumming was at the receiving end of Shia LaBeouf's drunken Broadway tantrum and now he's talking about it with Conan.

#WWE Raw

Even Kathie Lee And Hoda Had No Idea What They Were Doing On Raw

By | 21 Comments

Kathie Lee and Hoda guest starred on WWE Monday Night Raw, and nobody (including Kathie Lee and Hoda themselves) can figure it out.


Here Are The Top 20 Party Colleges For The 2014-15 School Year

By | 13 Comments

Here are the top 20 party colleges for the 2014-2015 school year, according to The Princeton Review.

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6 Hard-Partying Andre The Giant Stories You May Have Never Heard

By | 27 Comments

Your college drinking buddy has got nothing on Andre The Giant.


Your In-Flight Cocktails Are About To Be Become Even More Joyless

By | 9 Comments

Your sad little airline vodka and tonic might be looking a little sadder, in the future.


Drunk Neil Patrick Harris Is The Best Neil Patrick Harris

By | 9 Comments

Neil Patrick Harris didn't listen when they told him not toeat the worm and we got this hilarious photo set on Instagram. Enjoy!


26 Interesting Facts About Beer


Did you know the first professional beer brewers were women.


Old Guy Chugs Beer Upside Down


An elderly gentleman performs the ultimate gravity-defying party trick.


Drunk Man Vs. Hula Hoop


A drunk gentleman attempts to hula hoop, and it does not go well.


Drunk Russians Break Kiddie Ride


A trio of drunken Russians -- and their vodka bottle -- pile onto a kiddie ride.


Facts That Will Make You Want To Drink


Need a reason to drink today.


Skateboarding Downhill With A Case Of Beer Is A Terrible Idea


A Norwegian skater attempts to transport a case of beer down a big hill.


DUI Suspect Dances, Motorboats During Sobriety Tests


A central Ohio man pulled over for DUI dances, motorboats, and air-humps his way through the sobriety tests.

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