‘Watch Dogs’ Demonstrates Yet Again The Failures Of Always-On DRM

By | 30 Comments

'Watch Dogs' proves yet again that always-on DRM is pointless.


Xbox One's Dramatic DRM Reversal: Five Questions

By | 77 Comments

The Xbox One's draconian DRM is done. But that still leaves us wondering about the aftermath.


Greenheart Games' Anti-Piracy Stunt Reveals Some Depressing Piracy Stats

By | 24 Comments

Greenheart Games pulled a hilarious trick on pirates... but it yielded some troubling results.

Always-online DRM

Say What Now? EA Slams DRM, Claims ‘SimCity’ Is Actually An MMO

By | 6 Comments

...and here you dummies thought SimCity was some sort of city building simulation. Hah!

Always-online DRM

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello Resigns Amid Disastrous ‘SimCity’ Launch

By | 19 Comments

EA's CEO John Riccitiello has resigned. This comes after 'SimCity' had one of the most botched game launches ever, among other problems for the company.


A Primer On 'SimCity', The Most Horrifically Botched Game Launch In Recent Memory

By | 18 Comments

'SimCity' should have been a triumphant launch. Instead it was a mess. Here's what happened.

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SimCity As Case Study: Four Reasons Gaming Companies Need To Ditch Always-On DRM

By | 29 Comments

Always-on DRM is a bad idea that game companies just won't seem to let go of. Here's why they should.


How Far Is Too Far When It Comes To Digital Rights Management (DRM) Of Video Games?

By | 13 Comments

DRM: love it or hate it, on games it's not going anywhere. But how far are you willing to let it go?


Net Effect — Has The Internet Made It Better or Worse to be a Gamer?

By | 9 Comments

So, as we <a href="" target="_blank">established recently</a>, I'm an old man who's been playing video games for a long time, and nothing's had as big an impact on gaming during the 25-years I've been at it as the Internet.


Serious Sam 3 Has…An Anti-Piracy Scorpion?


UPDATE: This is, according to Croteam, 100% legit.


Nerds Prove DRM Is A Pain In the A$s, Causes Piracy


Hey, remember when music companies were all like "you can't rip our CDs, so there," and then people said "Hey, <a href="">I can use a Sharpie and defeat your controls</a>".

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