Check Out This Roaring Yacht Fire A Man Captured With His Drone Camera


Some amazing footage captured with the aid of a helpful drone.


Drone Footage Shows Just How Destructive The Tornadoes That Hit Arkansas & Oklahoma Over The Weekend Were

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This drone footage was taken right after a tornado struck Mayflower, AR, yesterday. And it eloquently shows just how awful this tragedy was.


Watch Netflix Mock Amazon’s Ridiculous Drone Delivery Plan


You've probably heard about Amazon's drone delivery plan. Netflix is here to mock the hell out of it. This is war.


New Year’s Eve In Iceland, As Seen From A Drone Outfitted With A GoPro Camera

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YouTuber Andrés Sighvatsson describes: "Iceland at midnight on New Years via GoPro and Phantom Quad copter."

This Mistletoe Drone Is A Drone Even The Fiercest Anti-Drone Activist Could Support


Arguably the best part of the holidays is kissing under the mistletoe. Now, with drone technology, you can bring the mistletoe to you.

the colbert report

Stephen Colbert Wasn’t Impressed By Amazon’s Drone Delivery Concept, So He Came Up With Something Better

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Concerned about the lackluster speed of the drone delivery concept, Colbert came up with a fresh pitch for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

60 minutes

So It Begins: Amazon Plans To Deliver Items In 30 Minutes Or Less With Drones

By | 19 Comments

Amazon has unveiled Prime Air, their plan to eventually deliver some packages within 30 minutes via Amazon drones.


The Guy In The Broncos Jersey Stole Colbert’s Segment On Colorado Drone Hunting

By | 4 Comments

The Colbert Report took to Deer Trail, Colorado last night to get the full story on that Drone Hunting novelty ordinance.

flying death machines

The Air Force Is Having Trouble Finding People Willing To Pilot Drones

By | 10 Comments

Amazingly, we're facing a drone pilot shortage. You might be able to get a job flying a death machine!


Wedding Photographer’s Quadcopter Drills Groom In The Face


A wedding photographer's quadcopter -- armed with a GoPro camera -- flies right into the side of the groom's head.


The FBI Admits It's Been Using Drones, Won't Tell Anyone What For

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Oh, good, the FBI has drones. Because government agencies using flying robots for possibly unchecked surveillance is in no way a bad thing.

Domino's DomiCopter

Domino’s Might Use Drones To Deliver Your Pizza In The Near Future

By | 19 Comments

On the bright side, drones don't have to stop at red lights or get caught in traffic. On the down side, no more porno movies featuring pizza delivery guys?


Canadian Police Drone Saves A Life


See, police drones aren't all bad. Well, provided they're used properly.


Meet The Dehogaflier, A Pig-Hunting Drone


The Dehogaflier is a drone built, from the ground up, to kill pigs. Seriously.


Predator Drones Being Configured To Listen To Your Phone Calls

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The Department of Homeland Security has Predator drones. More troublingly, they have eavesdropping Predator drones.


Jon Stewart Rips Obama A New One Over Drones Hypocrisy

By | 11 Comments

Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart took the president to the proverbial woodshed over a secret memo on drone strikes. BUUUUUURRRRRNNNNN!


The Burrito Bomber Is A Drone Dropping Burritos Wherever Burritos Are Needed (Which Is Everywhere)


Have you ever wished it would rain burritos? Now Darwin Aerospace build a "Burrito Bomber" drone which drops burritos to order. That's illegalicious!


SNL: Cool Drones (Cartoon)


Not sure where you stand on the controversial issue of drone strikes.

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