Conor McGregor Calls Jose Aldo A ‘Weasel’ Over Drug Test Dodge

A strange incident during a random drug test has challenger Conor McGregor angry at champ Jose Aldo.


The Nevada Athletic Commission Just Rewrote The Book On Drug Testing

The Nevada Athletic Commission just changed the game regarding drug testing. Here's what went down today.


The NBA Will Begin Testing For HGH Next Season


The NBA will begin drug tests for performance enhancing drug HGH next season


UFC Champ Jose Aldo Wants Conor McGregor Drug Tested Weekly

The ongoing war of words between UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and challenger "The Notorious" Conor McGregor continues to grow more and more heated.


UFC Just Dropped The Hammer On PED Testing

UFC announced a new PED testing regime aimed at catching abusers in out of competition testing, with very stiff penalties for failures.


REPORT: Anderson Silva Isn’t Getting Paid For UFC 183 After Testing Positive For Steroids

According to a report initially from Veja and helpfully translated by Bloody Elbow, UFC has blocked over $6 million in payment to Anderson Silva after Silva failed his pre-fight drug test for steroids.


Anderson Silva And Nick Diaz Both Failed Drug Tests


If Nick Diaz behaved a little stranger than normal at UFC 183, there's a pretty expected explanation for that, he was high on weed.


Did MMA Fighter Jon Jones Hide Under The Cage To Avoid A Drug Test?


There's a rumor that Jon Jones hid under a cage to avoid a drug test. Wait, what?!


Chael Sonnen And Vitor Belfort Fought The Nevada State Athletic Commission. Who Won?


Here are the details from the very convenient meetings between Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


Chael Sonnen Is Full of Drugs And Out Of A Fox Sports Job


And now he's fired: Chael Sonnen was found out to be riddled with PEDs and now he can't analyze fights for Fox Sports any more.


Jose Canseco Has Been Banned For PEDs

Sorry, folks, but we did not travel back in time to get that headline.


CFL Politely Cracks Down On HGH


Happy Canada Day from your good friends at With Leather.

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