The TSA’s 2014 List Of Confiscated Items Includes A Real Cannon And 3 Lbs Of Cocaine Stuffed Raw Meat

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A real cannon, drug stuffed raw meat, tons of guns, and an enchilada filled with a knife lead this year's confiscations.


A Group Of Cops In The Dominican Republic Were Arrested After The Cocaine They Captured Went Missing


Several officers and a prosecutor were arrested after a ton of unreported cocaine went missing.


Did MMA Fighter Jon Jones Hide Under The Cage To Avoid A Drug Test?

By | 8 Comments

There's a rumor that Jon Jones hid under a cage to avoid a drug test. Wait, what?!


Dana White Is Worried About Jon Jones As A Human Being, Not As The Image Of The UFC

By | 2 Comments

Dana White spoke with America's Pre Game about Jon Jones' positive drug test and how that impacts Jones and the UFC.


Here’s What We Know About Jon Jones Testing Positive For Cocaine

By | 16 Comments

There's a lot to sift through regarding Jon Jones' positive test for cocaine, so here's what we've been able to figure out.


Man Wearing ‘Seriously, I Have Drugs’ Shirt Arrested For Drug Possession

By | 3 Comments

In a move everyone saw coming, a man wearing an 'I have drugs' t-shirt gets arrested for having drugs.


Jon Jones Has Entered Drug Treatment After Testing Positive For Cocaine

By | 24 Comments

Just days after his title defense at UFC 182, it has been revealed that Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine.


Kid Rock Wants You To Know He Doesn’t ‘Face-Tweet’ And Thinks Rap-Rock Is ‘Pretty Gay’

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Kid Rock is releasing his 10th studio album next month, prompting him to share his opinions on drugs, homophobia, guns and technology.


This Lovely Couple Thought They Were Trapped In An Unlocked Closet Filled With Their Own Poop For Days

By | 29 Comments

A Florida couple got stuck in an unlocked closet, possibly while high on meth.


Watch This BBC Reporter And Camera Crew Get Really High Standing Next To A Burning Pile Of Drugs

By | 5 Comments

When these drugs start burning, It's not just a contact high. This news crew starts tripping balls within seconds.


Take A Trip To The German Coffee Shop That Received 73 Pounds Of Cocaine In Their Latest Shipment

By | 6 Comments

A coffee shop in Berlin got quite the surprise in their latest coffee shipment: 33 kilos of cocaine from Brazil.

queen elizabeth

Experts Discovered ‘Magic’ Mushrooms Growing In Queen Elizabeth’s Garden At Buckingham Palace


Filmmakers have discovered psychedelic mushrooms growing in Queen Elizabeth's garden at Buckingham Palace.


The New, Cutting-Edge Depression Treatment Is… Ketamine?

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Ketamine is a drug ravers love... but increasingly, it's being used by doctors as a treatment for depression.

lars von trier

Lars Von Trier Is Worried He Can Only Make Sh*tty Films Now That He’s Clean And Sober

By | 9 Comments

Controversial Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier goes sober at the expense of his illustrious and creative career.

#Viral Videos

This Live TV Drug Deal Is The Most Zero F*cks Drug Deal

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It's worth the watch just for the anchors' reactions at the end.


Here’s The Story Of The Former NBA Prospect Turned Alleged Drug Addict With A Grenade Launcher

By | 3 Comments

Robert Swift fell out of the NBA back in 2009 and managed to fall into a hard life of drugs and crime.


A College Student Reportedly Stole An Ambulance Then Masturbated In A Police Station While On Molly

By | 16 Comments

One 18-year-old college student accomplished more in one night than most people do in their entire lifetime.


AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Has Been Charged In Connection To An Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot

By | 8 Comments

AC/DC's Phil Rudd is facing some serious charges in New Zealand after an alleged murder plot uncovered drugs and more at his residence.

Crime Spree

One Bad Acid Trip Led To A Man Going On A Week-Long Crime Spree That Ended At A McDonald’s Drive-Thru

By | 6 Comments

Roy, Washington recently experienced a crime spree where a man on acid broke into homes, requesting sandwiches and rides to McDonald's.

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