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Horrifying Study: Oreos May Be As Addictive As Cocaine

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A recent study suggests that high sugar snacks like Oreos may be just as addictive to people as drugs like cocaine.


A Disclosure Music Video Was Removed From The Internet Because It Glamorized Drug Use


You won't see the music video for Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind" any time soon.


Florida Friday: Jason Sprott arrested after cops notice weed on his shirt

By | 14 Comments

Today's Florida Friday didn't make Florida Friday because it's so uniquely Florida, or because it's the most lurid, tragic, or bizarre story we've heard, it made Florida Friday because something about the combination of the mugshot, story, name, and the fact that it took place in "Waldo, Florida" I find endlessly amusing.


Guy On Ecstasy At A Willie Nelson Concert


Dropping ecstasy at a Willie Nelson concert is a terrible way to fit into a crowd.


REVIEW: Narco Cultura – Of Drugs, Murder, and Polka

By | 30 Comments

Drug Murders and Murder Ballads I left Shaul Schwarz's documentary about Mexico's raging drug war and the peculiar musical genre that it has spawned feeling drained and somewhat hopeless.


Wrestling Garbage Man Becomes Drug Dealing Special Ed Teacher

By | 8 Comments

Wrestling garbage man Duke The Dumpster Droese, now a special education teacher, was recently arrested for selling drugs to an undercover police officer.


‘Jack Nicholson Did A Lot Of Drugs,’ Claims Most Obvious Biography Ever Written

By | 15 Comments

I have this theory that actors did a lot of drugs in the 1960s and 70s.


Lil Wayne Fan Might Be On Drugs


This guy had fun at the Lil Wayne concert in Oklahoma City.


Drunk vs. Stoned


To test if people function better drunk or stoned, one man gets really drunk one night and then really high on another night -- and tries to complete similar tasks.


Cool Supercut: Iconic Movie Drug Scenes

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Between open mic comedy and being at The Gathering this past weekend, I think I could go six more lifetimes without hearing someone expecting to be applauded for doing drug use ever again (The Kottonmouth Kings enjoy marijuana - who knew.


A Video Tribute To Drugs In Movies


A video tribute to the craziest, funniest, and most iconic drug scenes in film history.


A Toronto Man Tried To Buy Pot On Twitter, Was Mocked By The Police And Lost His Job

By | 7 Comments

A mechanic in Toronto lost his job at Mr. Lube after he Tweeted for a drug dealer to bring him some pot and the York Police Department responded.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘She’s Gone’ By Hall & Oates

By | 40 Comments

An in-depth breakdown of the insane, low-budget music video for "She's Gone" by Hall & Oates.


Dogs Stoned After The Vet (Compilation)


How do you know when a golden retriever is high.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Larry King Rap With Snoop Dogg About Peanut Butter

By | 10 Comments

This video of Larry King rapping with Snoop Dogg on Snoop's "Tha Double Gangsta Hood News Network" web show is one of the craziest things you will ever see.


Mexican Drug Cartel’s Lamest Members


It's tough to get new recruits with guys like Pablo "Spa Treatment" Guarez in charge.


Survey Says No One Listens To Music At Music Festivals Because Everyone’s Doing Drugs

By | 5 Comments

Music is besides the point at music festivals, according to a recent poll.


Grant Morrison Explains Batman’s Life In A Few Visually-Stimulating Minutes

By | 9 Comments

Grant Morrison talked about his method for handling Batman's backstory, and a fan set the audio to the appropriate visual element from the comics.

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