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'Mario Kart' Gets The 'Honest Trailers' Treatment, Rainbow Road Can Still Suck It

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Smosh Games and Screen Junkies got together to make an Honest Trailer about a video game instead of a movie, starting with (of course) 'Mario Kart'.


Washington Man High On LSD Breaks Into A Home Claiming to Be Jack Bauer From ’24’

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A Washington man who took a bunch of LSD broke into a home claiming to be Jack Bauer from '24.' (Hint: He wasn't)


Martin Scorsese Reveals His Own Crazy ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Quaalude Experiences On ‘Conan’

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Martin Scorsese is probably full of amazing stories, but this story about quaaludes and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is pretty entertaining.


‘SNL’ Alumni Chris Kattan Has Been Arrested For DUI After Crashing Into A Government Vehicle

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'SNL' alumni Chris Kattan has been arrested for DUI early Monday morning. Don't do drugs and get behind the wheel, kids.


Ted Danson Tells Conan About The Time He Did Mushrooms With Woody Harrelson And Stopped Breathing

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Ted Danson addresses the long rumored tale of how he and Woody Harrelson went all out on some mushrooms and the legend holds up!


Here’s How You Can Get Heroin Instead Of A Happy Meal Toy At McDonald’s

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You're an adult, you shouldn't be getting Happy Meal Toys anymore. Heroin, on the other hand...

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Scarred Tissue: 10 Living Musicians Who Should Probably Be Dead

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John Frusciante, formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, probably should be dead. But he's alive, as are these nine other lucky musicians.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

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At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.

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BBC One’s Undercover Turtle Camera Discovered Something Very Important: Dolphins Love To Get Stoned

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Ninety seconds of dolphins getting high as hell off a puffer fish and floating around aimlessly in the ocean? Yes, please.

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Surprise, Surprise: Hundreds Of Phish Fans Were Arrested At The Band’s NYE Show

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If you were at Phish's NYE concert in Manhattan, you might be reading this in jail.


Your Brain On Crack Cocaine


Have you been wondering just what Toronto mayor <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/rob-ford/">Rob Ford</a> has been putting his brain through.

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42 People Were Arrested At The Atlantic City Phish Concerts And You’ll Never Guess Why

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Atlantic City police arrested as many as 42 Phish fans during their three shows last week, recovering plenty of drugs in the process.


Florida Friday: Police find gator in drug dealer’s hot tub, dealer: “He was there when I moved in.”

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I'm sure "gator in the tub" is some sort of Florida slang, perhaps swamp talk for having a "bee in your bonnet," or "sharpest tool in the shed," but last week it was also literal for a drug dealer in Treasure Coast, Florida.


Horrifying Study: Oreos May Be As Addictive As Cocaine

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A recent study suggests that high sugar snacks like Oreos may be just as addictive to people as drugs like cocaine.

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A Disclosure Music Video Was Removed From The Internet Because It Glamorized Drug Use


You won't see the music video for Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind" any time soon.


Florida Friday: Jason Sprott arrested after cops notice weed on his shirt

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Today's Florida Friday didn't make Florida Friday because it's so uniquely Florida, or because it's the most lurid, tragic, or bizarre story we've heard, it made Florida Friday because something about the combination of the mugshot, story, name, and the fact that it took place in "Waldo, Florida" I find endlessly amusing.


FBI Nabs Silk Road, The “Amazon Of Drugs”

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First, some background: since 2011, Silk Road has operated as the Internet's definitive black market, a place where drugs - from weed to heroin - and money changed hands in a safe (as in, from getting caught), anonymous manner.

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