R.I.P. Original Ramones Drummer, Tommy Ramone

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Now that Tommy's gone, all four members of the original Ramones are dead.

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Watch This Guy Blitz Through Blink-182’s Entire Discography In Just Five Minutes

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Impressive Australian drummer plays all 63 songs in the blink of an eye.


Watch Handicapped Drummer Dean Zimmer Prove All The Doubters Wrong


Dean Zimmer is handicapped, but that hasn't stopped him from being one hell of a drummer.


The ‘Man Of Steel’ Drum Circle — With Members Of Pearl Jam, NIN & Tool — Is The Only Good Drum Circle

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Name a modern drummer not named Dave Grohl, and he/she was probably on the "Man of Steel" soundtrack.


Heavy Metal, Literally: Robot Band ‘Compressorhead’ Plays Motörhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’

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What better way to start a Monday morning than to watch robot band Compressorhead rock out to heavy metal classic "Ace of Spades"?

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Gloriously Geeky Drummer Totally Steals The Show

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Korean drummer Kwon Soon Keun is finally getting the international recognition he deserves for infectious enthusiasm and Liberace-esque showmanship.

#Star Wars

General Grievous Rocks It Out: Four-Armed Robot Plays The Drums

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Today we found out a four-armed, be-mohawked robot plays the drums. It's gonna be a hell of a day, internet.


Links with Epic Drumming and Sinkholes

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PICTURES: Nerdcore and their commenters speculate about what's in that sinkhole in Guatemala.

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