This Drunkest Bro Ever Finding An Even Drunker Bro Is Basically Performance Art

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What happens when the drunkest guy ever encounters a guy who's even more drunk? This masterpiece right here.


Drunk, Stupid And Falling In Your Own Puke Is No Way To Go Through Life Sir

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Watch this kid bow out of an Iron Stomach competition with a celebratory spit and TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!


This Preakness Bro Is Writing A Book And Will Straight Up Kill You With UFC

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A hero at the Preakness Stakes caught this drunk bro on camera, as he was bragging about the book that he's writing and how he 'does UFC.'


A Florida Woman Lost 130 Pounds And Got A Job At Hooters Because Some Drunk Dude Made Fun Of Her

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After a guy made fun of her for wearing a Hooters shirt, a Florida girl lost 130-pounds and almost a year later, she is working at Hooters.

shark week

Shark Week Was Invented By Three Drunk Bros In A Bar

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Discovery Channel's Shark Week was invented 25 years ago by three executives who were brainstorming ideas at a bar after work.

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