Lil Scrappy Feat. Pharrell – “Grustle”

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<a href=""> Just when you thought rap couldn't get any more brain-dead, <a href="">Lil Scrappy</a> and <a href="">Skateboard P</a> have combined the words grind and hustle to produce the inbred single "Grustle.


DJ Jaycee’s Afternoon Delight 1.15.10

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Hey <a href="">Va$htie!</a> I played the heck out of this one between Friday and Sunday.


DJ Jaycee’s Afternoon Delight 12.15.09

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Tuesday's Afternoon Delight is really one that will lift your spirits and coast you right through the late afternoon doldrums.


DJ Jaycee’s Afternoon Delight 12.2.09

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Nothing's greater than a <a href="">Jaycee</a> mix on a Wednesday.


DJ Jaycee’s Afternoon Delight 9.17.09

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Jaycee's <a href="">Afternoon Delight</a> from Thursday was quite fonky.

Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle Feat. Bobby Valentino – “Can’t Remember” Video

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Hate to say it but those duffle bag boys are the only ones still rapping with any conviction over at DTP.

New Edition

Ralph, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike…

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Jaycee dropped this for Tuesday's Afternoon Delight and it's slammin'.

Willy Northpole

“Hood Dreamer” – Review Of Willy Northpole’s Tha Connect

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Connections matter, and when trying to break through in anything, it sometimes helps to know the right people.

Willy Northpole

Willy Northpole Feat. Bobby Valentino – “#1 Side Chick” Video

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Is anyone even paying attention to Brother Northpole round these parts.


DJ Jaycee – On-Air Michael Jackson Tribute

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Going by what <a href="">Gotty™ said yesterday</a>posting this is a no-brainer.


I-20 – “Come See Me Then” Video

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I think I'm about ready to hear a mixtape or something from 20.


I-20 – “Down South” Video

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DTP's I-20 is usually hit or miss with me.

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