What’s On Tonight: Cupid Gives Love A Bad Name On ‘Arrow’

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Cupid drops in on 'Arrow', Dell is in trouble on 'American Horror Story', and Kenny finds Magic on 'South Park'.


The Robertson Family Is Working On A ‘Duck Dynasty’ Musical For Las Vegas

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The Robertsons are heading to Sin City to tell their rags-to-riches story at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

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Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Knows How Obama Should Handle ISIS: ‘Convert Them Or Kill Them’

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When it comes to how to handle ISIS, this Christian's views do not stray far from the philosophy of radical Islam.


Paula Deen Compared Herself To ‘That Black Football Player Who Recently Came Out’

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In a new interview, Paula Deen wrongly compares the public response to her use of the N-word to NFL prospect Michael Sam coming out.

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You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Duck Dynasty-Brand Guns

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Yes, for the low, low price of $509, you could own a Duck Dynasty semi-automatic rifle! GUNS FOR EVERYBODY!

phil robertson

After Holding America Hostage For 9 Long Days, A&E Has Reinstated 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson

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Let's be real here...Phil Robertson returning to Duck Dynasty is all about the Benjamins, baby.


Bernard Goldberg Brought Some Much-Needed Sanity To Fox News' 'Duck Dynasty'/1st Amendment Freakout Fest

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Someone needed to inject some sanity into the Fox News drum-beating over Phil Robertson's suspension. Enter Bernie Goldberg.

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In A Win For Bigotry, Cracker Barrel Caves, Restocks 'Duck Dynasty' Merchandise

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In an effort to avoid offending the bigots that make up their customer base, Cracker Barrel has restocked 'Duck Dynasty' merchandise.

Rosa Parks

A Congressional Candidate Called 'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson The 'Rosa Parks Of Our Generation'

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A politician compared Phil Robertson to Rosa Parks, because politicians are awful monsters.

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Phil Robertson From ‘Duck Dynasty’ In A 2010 Speech: Gay People Are ‘Ruthless’ And ‘Full Of Murder’

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The comments came during a speech at the Wild Game Supper at the Berean Bible Church in Pennsylvania.


Please Allow Stephen Colbert In A ZZ Top Beard To Have The Final Word On The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy

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Stephen Colbert talking lady parts versus man parts and attributing the bible with vagina quotes should end this for everyone.

phil robertson

The Robertson Family Has Released A Statement On The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy

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The Robertson Family has released an official response on the future of 'Duck Dynasty' following the controversial remarks made by Phil Robertson In GQ

rob delaney

Rob Delaney Uses Butthole Logic To Make Sense Of The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Brouhaha

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"Butthole logic" is the best way to describe what's going on with "Duck Dynasty."


Right On Cue, Here Comes Sarah Palin To Defend The Duck Dynasty Dude’s ‘Free Speech’ Rights

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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said some awful stuff about gay people, so A&E suspended him. Enter Trixie Klondike and her army of minions.

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