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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Has Been Suspended Indefinitely Following His Anti-Gay Comments

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The 'Duck Dynasty' patriarch made some controversial comments in GQ and A&E was forced to take action.

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The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guys Have Some Interesting Thoughts About Vaginas And Buttholes And Gay People And Such

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In which "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson discusses the ins and outs of human sexuality.


The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Christmas Album Is Really, Really, Really Popular

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"Duck Dynasty" can't be stopped, "Duck Dynasty" won't be stopped.


The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guys Released A Christmas Album Today In Case You’re Feeling Festive

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Forget Arcade Fire and Kelly Clarkson, the biggest album release this week came from the fellas of Duck Dynasty with their Christmas album.


‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Was Kicked Out Of A New York City Hotel After Being Mistaken For A Homeless Man

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Jase Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" was booted from a classy New York City hotel because the staff apparently thought he was homeless.


The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season Premiere Set Tons Of Ratings Records And Doubled-Up ‘Breaking Bad’

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Last night's "Duck Dynasty" season premiere was the most-watch non-fiction cable show in history. Think about that for a second.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Franklin & Bash’ Season Finale, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season Premiere

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including the finale of "Franklin & Bash" and the premiere of "Duck Dynasty."


The Duck Dynasty Guys Are Making Duck Calls From The Remains Of Toomer’s Oaks

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Back in 2011, an Alabama fan named Harvey Updike, with sons named Crimson and Bear (ROLL TIDE), was arrested for poisoning the legendary oak trees at Toomer’s Corner, and earlier this year he was sentenced to at least six months in jail.


What’s On Tonight: The Penultimate Episode Of ‘The Americans,’ And ‘Duck Dynasty’ In Hawaii

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The best and worst of tonight's listings, including "The Americans," "Psych," and the one-hour Hawaiian "Duck Dynasty" finale.

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Morrissey Cancelled On Kimmel Because He Didn’t Want To Share The Stage With The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guys

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Morrissey was supposed to perform on Kimmel last night. But he cancelled to protest the "animal serial killers" from Duck Dynasty.


The Cable Show You May Have Never Heard Of That's Kicking Network TV's Ass

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A&E has television ratings hit, 'Duck Dynasty,' that's besting network television on Wednesday nights.

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What’s On Tonight: A Fat Kid on a Rope

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South Park (Comedy Central) - The boys go zip-lining.

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