‘Duck Hunt’ Is Finally Returning And The Dog Is Celebrating With An Amazing ‘Smash Bros.’ Intro Video

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It's the Duck Hunt Dog's time to shine in a completely ridiculous Smash Bros. intro video.

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How To Shoot The Dog And Other Facts You Probably Don’t Know About ‘Duck Hunt’

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The Duck Hunt Dog makes his playable debut in Smash Bros. today, so here are a few things you might not know about Nintendo's classic duck murder sim.


Let’s Commemorate Nintendo’s 125th Birthday With Fun Costumes


Nintendo was founded 125 years ago today, so let's check out costumes for some of the most recognizable characters to any Nintendo fan.

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‘Super Smash Bros.’ Roster Leaked: We May Finally Get To Slap The ‘Duck Hunt’ Dog

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Pictures and videos purportedly from the next 'Super Smash Bros.' 3DS game leaked, and yes, we are going to fight the dog from 'Duck Hunt'.


Archer’s ‘Skyfall’, Thor Actually, Cattack On Titan, And Other Mashups

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Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Archer' and 'Skyfall', Cattack On Titan, 'Thor' as a romantic comedy, and the 'Duck Hunt' dog dies.

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Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of In the offing for today: set the gas fight scene in Zoolander to Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo score.

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This Duck Hunt Movie Will Replace The Whale In My Nightmares


G4 has launched their Epictober Film Festival with The Hunt, a short film based on Nintendo's Duck Hunt, the only game which succeeded in making me hate a dog.

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Classic Video Games As Dramatic Plays

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TheĀ Piper McKenzie theater company in Brooklyn are currently performing "Theater of the Arcade" for this year's FringeNYC Festival.


Happy Valentine’s From GammaSquad

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Last year we posted several geeky parody valentines before Valentine's Day, and we're continuing the tradition, posting these early enough for you to print them out (especially the last one) and give them to the one you love.

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Ragdoll Kitten Playing Duck Hunt

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The news cycle is slow today, so you know what time it is.


Haters Gonna Hate These Links


PICTURES: "The Big Caption is a new blog that takes photos from The Big Picture and reposts them with giant, in-photo captions rendered in fancy type.

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Today’s Time Waster: Duck Hunt

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Nintendo heads will remember this one.

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