The Godfather (Big Bank Black)

Big Bank Black Ft. Kevin Gates “Animal” x ‘The Godfather’ Mixtape

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Duct Tape Entertainment CEO Big Bank Black uses his position of power to recruit plenty of friends for The Godfather mixtape.


Alley Boy On Jail, “The Real Atlanta” & Disconnected Rappers From His City

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<a href="">Alley Boy's</a> about good and damn tired of all you people associating his city with just strip clubs and an Atlanta Hawks team that looks like it may never get over the hump.


Trouble – Green Light Mixtape

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Duct Tape and D5M are back with more <a href="">Trouble</a>.

We Got Now

Trouble – “World Goes ‘Round” Video

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<a href=""> The dark cloud that once followed an angst-filled teen around the Queensbridge housing projects, has found its way to Atlanta, GA. Fresh out of prison, Duct Tape Entertainment’s Trouble has been keeping busy <a href="">living up to his name</a>.

We Got Now

Trouble x The Empire – December 17th Mixtape

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Like his mischievous moniker glaringly alludes to, ATL's <a href="">Trouble</a> is a problem for Hip-Hop in both the good and bad sense.

We Got Now

Trouble – “For My Patnaz”

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<a href=""> A wise man once said, "Everybody that's down witcha, ain't down witcha. So appreciate the ones that are down witcha." It's not during the best of times where true friendship and loyalty will show their face. Instead, a person realizes the people and things worth investing in when the chips are low and morale even lower. Duct Tape Entertainment's own <a href="">Trouble</a> is preparing the release of a "welcome home opus," otherwise known as his December 17th mixtape.

Young Dave

Introducing The Duct Tape Mob


Taking the camera to the grittier side of the A, friends of ours <a href="">The Educated Villains</a> focus their lens on Duct Tape Entertainment's <a href="">Alley Boy</a>, <a href="">Big Bank Black</a>, <a href="">Veli Sosa</a> and <a href="">Young Dave</a>, collectively known as The Mob.

The Empire

Alley Boy – The Definition Of… Mixtape

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A few key cats I know from the A been buzzin' <a href="">Alley Boy's</a> name for a few months now so I've been waiting on this one.

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