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“Duke Nukem Forever” Still Delayed…In Japan


We weren't fans when this one came out in the US, but at least, after a decade and a half, it finally came out and got the inevitable razzing for being too little, too late.

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5 Video Game Non-Stories We Obsessed Over Too Much in 2011


Covering the video game news beat isn't as easy as you'd think.

the nitpicks

Duke Nukem Forever: The Nitpicks


Yesterday, a package showed up at my door.


Duke Nukem Forever To Feature…Turds?

If there's one thing about modern shooters that troubles us all, it's a total lack of ability to pick up our dumps and throw them at people.

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Duke Nukem Forever Delayed Again


Duke Nukem has been back in the news this week for a borderline-NSFW video from PAX (second video after the jump) containing a lesbian schoolgirl kissing scene and far too much screen time afforded to a vibrator on a table.

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Wait, “Duke Nukem Forever” Actually Has Another Trailer?


We feel bad for Gearbox, the developers who are actually delivering "Duke Nukem Forever", because right up until this thing comes out and there are physical copies sitting in people's hands, they are going to be subjected to jokes about delays, almost-but-not-quite releases, and vaporware.

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Have a 1998 Pre-Order Receipt for Duke Nukem Forever?

Then Gearbox, the studio that's actually finishing the game and releasing it (we hope), wants to honor it.

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More Duke Nukem Forever Footage. Is This Real Life?


Gearbox Software and 2K Games showed off some Duke Nukem Forever gameplay in Amsterdam.

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