North Carolina’s Football Team Caused $10,000 In Damages To Duke’s Facilities After Their Win

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North Carolina owes Duke some money after causing damage to the locker in post game festivities.


Don’t Be Surprised By Whatever Decision Duke’s Jabari Parker Makes Tomorrow And Here’s Why

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To be young, talented and deciding whether or not to play in the NBA next fall.


Belle Knox Is Bummed Over Duke Losing To Mercer, Offers Free Sex Toys To Duke Basketball Players

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Duke porn star Belle Knox is sad that her team lost, so she offers her sex toys to the team for free.

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Mercer Hitting The Nae Nae On Duke’s Tears Is The Vine America Needs Right Now


Well, it’s a good day in America as the Duke Blue Devils have been bounced out of the Big Dance in the 1st round by Mercer. Let's celebrate with the team!


Belle Knox Isn't 'Super Versed' In Basketball, But She's Still Pulling For Her Blue Devils

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While her whirlwind media tour continues, Duke porn star Belle Knox has a message for college basketball fans: 'Go Blue Devils.'


The Duke Frat Guy Who Outed A Porn Star Has Been Himself Outed As A Subscriber To A Rough Facials Site

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The frat dude who outed Duke porn star Belle Knox has been himself outed as a subscriber to a site dedicated to rough facials.


The Secret Duke Porn Star Went On CNN To Proclaim Her Love For What She’s Doing

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It's as if Belle Knox is the first porn star CNN has ever come across.


Duke Porn Star Reveals Her Identity And Destroys Hypocrites In Playboy Interview

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Outed Duke Porn Star answers some questions with Playboy and crushes naysayers. She's really smart and stuff.

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The Duke Freshman Outed As A Porn Performer Explains Herself In An Editorial

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A Duke freshman outed as a porn star last week explained herself in an interview and an editorial.


This Carolina/Duke Managers Brawl Is The Bigfoot Of College Basketball Fights

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This Carolina/Duke managers game brawl is violent, and also looks like it was uploaded with a pocket calculator. Still, elbow violence.


This Duke Sorority Recruitment Video Will Make You Never Want To Join Anything

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This sorority recruitment video made by the Alpha Delta Pis at Duke University might be the most awkward thing you'll see this week.

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Grayson Allen Won A Dunk Contest By Jumping Over Four Tall Guys

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Duke commit Grayson Allen won a Myrtle Beach dunk contest by clearing four 6-foot-8 players in a single dunk.

the o.c.

If You Go To Duke, You Can Take A Class On ‘The O.C.’

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But will they teach you to drive in the sun, look out for number one?


Christian Laettner Owes Everyone All of the Money

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In a recent report for the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that former Duke star Christian Laettner (along with his college teammate Brian Davis) may owe as much as $30 million to a number of current and former athletes thanks to failed real estate investments.


Finally, A Reason To Get DNA All Over Your Computer


Pictured: two views of an amazing breakthrough.


A Dukie Made A Decent Joke

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I can guarantee you the number of titles Duke basketball has won over the years is way higher than number of funny pranks the players have pulled off, but when credit is due we give it.


TSS 2010 March Madness Preview: The National Championship

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Let’s face it, you probably forgot the NCAA final game was tonight.

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TSS 2010 March Madness Preview: The Final Four

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This is the last hurrah with "One Shining Moment" looming in the distance.

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