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dumb criminals

Florida Woman Brazenly Steals Wine From A Grocery Store, Sans Pants

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A Florida woman strolled into a Publix earlier this week, picked up two boxes of wine and then strolled back out.

dumb criminals

The ‘Nerdy Bandit’ Terrorizing Portland, Oregon American Apparel Stores Has Finally Been Apprehended

By | 3 Comments

Portland, Oregon's "Nerdy Bandit" has finally been apprehended after a crime spree dating back to October of 2013.

dumb criminals

21 Year-Old Man Busted For DUI Wears The Most Literal T-Shirt Ever

By | 15 Comments

Pro tip: Cops find it especially helpful when your mugshot also states a brief description of why you were arrested.


Amazing ‘Maury’ Couple Arrested In A Hotel Brawl The Night Before Taping

By | 5 Comments

If you're slated to appear on 'Maury' and have a tattoo on your neck that says "cut throat," odds are you're not gonna make it to the show.


Hero Priest Caught Driving Drunk While Armed And Carrying Marijuana

By | 7 Comments

This badass priest with the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks was charged with a DUI plus drugs and weapons offenses after he being pulled over last week.

dumb criminals

Dumbest 22 Year-Old Woman Ever Might Be Heading To Jail Thanks To A Facebook Brag

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Violating terms of your probation? Sounds like a good thing to share on social media!


You’ll Never Guess What Happened When A Bank Accidentally Deposited $31,000 Into A Teenager’s Account

By | 20 Comments

Earlier this month a man deposited $31,000 into his bank, however due to an oversight the money was accidentally given to an 18-year-old with the same name.

dumb criminals

Hand To God, A Man Named Christopher Reeves Was Busted For Meth Wearing A Superman Shirt

By | 2 Comments

All of the weirdo stars must have been in perfect alignment for a man named Christopher Reeves to get arrested wearing a Superman shirt.


A South Carolina Man Tried To Pay His Applebees Bill With What Now?

By | 5 Comments

A South Carolina man attempted to pay an Applebee's check with a trillion dollar bill. The more important question is -- could Applebees even make change for that?


The 10 Dumbest Movie Criminals

By | 3 Comments

Successfully pulling off "dumb movie criminal" isn't as easy a task as one might believe.

dumb criminals

Advice: If You Steal A Miniature Horse, Don’t Try To Sell It On Craigslist!


What kind of heartless staggering as*hole steals a miniature horse.

dumb criminals

Advice: Don’t Call 911 When Your Drug Dealer Short-Changes You


This guy is a strong front-runner for <a href="">the dumb criminal of the year award</a>.

dumb criminals

Nun’s New Hymn: “Been Caught Stealing”


What do an Israeli soldier and a New York nun have in common.

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