A Polish Playground Banned Winnie The Pooh Because Of His ‘Dubious Sexuality’

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A playground in Poland has decided against using Winnie The Pooh because he doesn't wear pants.


Dumb Guy Asks For Legal Advice On Reddit, Then Asks For More Once It Backfires

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If you ask Reddit for legal advice, you're going to get a plot from 'The Sopranos' and it will backfire.


100% True Story: A Scottish Woman Had A Sex Toy Stuck In Her Vagina For Ten Years

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This story is basically the antidote to the '50 Shades of Grey' trailer going around.


Two Men Arrested for Souveneering At Paul Walker’s Death Site

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Two men were arrested for stealing Porsche parts from Paul Walker's death site. PLUS, the world's dumbest response to the Walker/Mandela deaths.


Dumbass Sports Reporter CONGRATULATES Matthew Perry On Cancellation Of ‘Go On’

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Congratulations Matthew Perry! You've just been fired from your job!


Phil Mickelson Does Not Enjoy Your Dumbass Questions


Okay, so maybe this is a case of Phil Mickelson being a butthole to somebody who was just trying to be friendly, but it could also be a revolutionary step toward removing assy form-questions from the sports guy/journalist equation.


Man accidentally shoots himself in the butt during Bourne Legacy

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Ever since the Aurora theater massacre, people have felt an acute need to protect themselves when they head to the theater, and that means guns.


You Know What's Exactly Like 9/11? This Rangers/Caps Series

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As a Washington Capitals fan, I was stoked to see them top the New York Rangers on Wednesday and force a game 7.


Tyler Perry was a victim of racial profiling!

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One of the symptoms of being a preachy blowhard is that whenever a big tragedy or controversy happens, you feel like you need to somehow inject yourself into the situation, or explain how the exact same thing once happened to you.


Spike Lee is still doing stupid things

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I've always thought of Spike Lee as like the black Oliver Stone, a guy who's great at being provocative, but not much else, and often says idiotic things.


Raffi’s Worst Crime Since Bananaphone

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Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes jumped on Twitter to post pictures from the team's Halloween party, and I really do wish I could say "Paul Bissonnette as Hacksaw Jim Duggan" was the news to share, even if he thinks Hacksaw said "OOOH" instead of the proper "HOOO".


Morning Links: You Got Me, Mad Now

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Sports Vintage Promos: Jumpin' Jeff Farmer Goes Full Force - In an effort to get all the people who hate me covering wrestling to be okay with it (or even enjoy it), here's a classic from my days at "AOL News" featuring IPW's most famous full force-going table-turner Jeff Farmer.


A Joke About How Caracter Sounds Like Character

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What is it about pregnant ladies that makes athletes want to punch them so badly.


Kareem Jackson Sure Hates Chickens

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Houston Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson is in some moral hot water this week, as his vacation to the Dominican Republic took a turn for the moronic after he Tweeted pictures of himself at a cockfight.


We Haven't Had A Good Faceplant In A While…

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I always wondered about this: if I got hit in the face and the nuts at the same time, which would hurt worse.


Seattle Says N-O To TO

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Pete Carroll is bringing his super-chill coaching style to Seattle, which would have been perfect for a guy like all around good guy sitcom star Super Bowl champion with the Philadelphia Eagles fuck it, Terrell Owens.


High School Baseball Player Pees On The Field–During The National Anthem

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A Virginia high school baseball player caused a ruckus when he peed on the baseball field during the national anthem.



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There's something magical about mentally deficient people and motorcycles.

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