Patton Oswalt’s Wife Would Rather He Go To Strip Clubs Than Play Dungeons And Dragons

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Patton Oswalt shares some silly 4 AM thoughts and talks about his love of 'Dungeons and Dragons'.


Can You Spot Patton Oswalt In This Adorably Geeky Yearbook Photo?

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Patton Oswalt has proven time and time that he's been geeky since birth, but now we have visual proof!


Dan Harmon’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie Pitch At SXSW Is Better Than Most Movies Coming Out This Year

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Dan Harmon is interview at SXSW and drops a movie pitch for 'Dungeons & Dragons' that sounds just fantastic. Get on it, Hollywood.


In Which Ice-T Attempts To Explain ‘Dungeons And Dragons’

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In the newest episode of Ice-T's podcast, he reveals he took a voice acting job for a 'Dungeons And Dragons' audiobook, then tries to explain what it is.


David Cross Will Guest Star In A New Dungeons And Dragons Episode Of ‘Community’

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David Cross will guest star in an upcoming episode of "Community," which will focus on "the second most important game of Dungeons & Dragons ever."

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PAX East: Capcom Spins Some ‘DuckTales’ And Casts ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

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Capcom brings back two classic and inventive arcade brawlers... and one of the most beloved NES platformers ever made.


Happy Corgis and Links


Week In Review: Osama Had A Bad Day [<a href="http://www.uproxx.com/news/2011/05/week-in-review-osama-had-a-bad-day">UproxxNews</a>] War Dogs.


Links and a Rube Goldberg Machine to Roll Your D20

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Dan compiled this list of unintentionally funny fat guys with knives [<a href="http://www.uproxx.com/feature/2010/05/when-viral-videos-go-wrong-fat-guys-with-knives/">Uproxx</a>] Improv Everywhere does a Ghostbusters stunt in the New York Public Library [<a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/05/improv-everywheres-ghostbusters-stunt-at-nypl">Filmdrunk</a>] A show starring Will Arnett and from the same creator as Arrested Development.


Saving Throw Versus Total Refreshment

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Jones Soda has <a href="http://www.myjones.com/limited/wizards">released</a> limited-edition Dungeons and Dragons themed pop [you heard me] made from pure cane sugar and, presumably, enough caffeine to kill a Tarrasque.

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Could I interest you in "touching the magic".

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