DVDs and Games Coming Out 11/8/11


What's hitting disc for nerds this week.


Want to watch a zombie fight a shark underwater?

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You may not remember through the haze of booze, pills, and indiscriminate hobo sex, but back in 2008, I posted a clip of a zombie fighting a shark.


Netflix is Called ‘Qwikster’ Now for Some Reason

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I didn't really cover it when Netflix raised their price for unlimited streaming and one DVD from $9.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger & John Milius on Conan

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I don't know who put this together or how long it's been going around, but after the jump I've got a three-minute edit of some of Arnold Schwarzenegger and director John Milius's commentary on the 1982 version of Conan the Barbarian.


Wanna win a weird-ass DVD?

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Our friend Evan Husney from Severin films has an eye for obscure 80s trash and sleaze the likes of which has no equal (see also: the special-needs transvestite cocaine dance party, Nicole Kidman's lost BMX film, the world's most sensual pool hall), and his latest contribution is this clip from Sledgehammer, which Severin is releasing through their intervision sub-label on Tuesday (order here).


Part 3 of ‘GET OUT YOUR F**KIN CHECKBOOK’ coming to DVD

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If you like nunchuks, medieval speed metal, and dead burnt lesbians (and who doesn't.


Watch this documentary about 70s street gangs online for free

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Here I was, all set to do my normal Weekend Preview post while smoking a pipe in my dinner jacket, when I realized that this week's offerings included a Justin Bieber biopic and that Adam Sandler movie.



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Today someone sent me a link to BadgetotheBone, the official site of Scout's Honor: Badge to the Bone, a direct-to-DVD movie starring Chris Kattan and Fred Willard that promises to be the dumbest comedy of all time -- "seriously, we mean it.


‘The Dogfather’ could be Chris Parnell’s finest role

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The Dogfather is a new film that ponders that age-old question: what if your dog was secretly an ex-mafioso on the lam.


James Nguyen has some party ideas

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It's been more than two years since this whole crazy Birdemic thing started, and if there's one thing writer/director James Nguyen has learned, it's that alcohol and peoples' enjoyment of his movie are closely related.


Danny Trejo’s new movie looks legit

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We've got the scoop on Danny Trejo's next project, before it even has an IMDB page.


Awesome Movies on Netflix Instant: Exit Through the Gift Shop

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I tend to recommend a lot of documentaries in this segment, and that's probably because you risk less watching a documentary.


Finally, the Shakespeare in Love Sequel You’ve All Been Waiting For

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In what may go down as one of the weirdest press releases ever, uh.


This Looks Legit: Megashark vs. Crocosaurus vs. Urkel

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With a solid track record of critically-acclaimed novelty knockoffs of popular hits like "Transmorphers," direct-to-DVD specialists The Asylum (slogan: confused moms choose The Asylum.

#Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Raccoon Party is the number 1 DVD in the country

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You know how you'll hear something like "Two and a Half Men is the number one comedy on television.


First 4 minutes of Werner Herzog/David Lynch’s ‘My Son, My Son…’

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When I heard Werner Herzog and David Lynch would be teaming up to make a movie about a man who killed his mother with a sword, I was understandably excited.


Comments of the Week: Kick-Ass Edition

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This week's Comments of the Week winner is getting Kick-Ass on DVD, which is probably the best prize I've given away, and the one I'm most tempted to keep for myself.


The sexiest aerobics class of all time (Friday Free for All)

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Evan over at Severin Films is one of the guys who helps decide which forgotten movies deserve to get re-released on DVD and spread to the unwashed masses.

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