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What Is ‘Project Rock’? We Don’t Know What The Rock Is Teasing, So Here Are Our Top Five Guesses

By | 13 Comments

Five completely speculative and totally inaccurate guesses at what Project Rock could be.

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The Rock Reveals A Bit More About Black Adam And ‘Shazam!’

By | 2 Comments

The Rock weighs in on the lighter tone of 'Shazam!' and the anti-hero he'll play.

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The Rock Gave These Lucky Fans Big Sweaty Hugs And Proved Again Why He Is The Best

By | 11 Comments

On his way home from the gym, The Rock stopped to greet some fans and treat them to warm sweaty hugs


Adjust Your Royal Rumble Predictions Because The Rock Is In Philadelphia

By | 71 Comments

The Rock is in Philly, meaning it's time to start wildly speculating.

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Watch The Rock Sing Christmas Karaoke In A Spectacular Holiday Onesie

By | 16 Comments

Dwayne The Rock Johnson stopped by 'Kelly And Michael' to sing karaoke, spread a little Christmas cheer, and wear ugly pajamas.


The First Photos Of The Rock Fighting Earthquakes In ‘San Andreas’ Don’t Show Any Earthquakes

By | 6 Comments

Weeks after marketing meetings, Dwayne Johnson and friends decide to try and scare audiences into seeing the film. Original, no?


The Rock Congratulated Batista On His Role As ‘Mr. Hinx’ In The Next James Bond Movie

By | 20 Comments

Batista has landed a role in the next 007 flick, and suddenly Rock wants to be his best pal.


The Rock Recently Credited One Of His Classic Catchphrases To The Iron Sheik

By | 6 Comments

And no, it's not "kung pao bitch", although it's not too hard to imagine Iron Sheik saying that.

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The Rock Is Quite Flattered By This Ridiculously Huge Leg Tattoo Of His Face

By | 8 Comments

Dwayne Johnson shared his appreciation of one unknown man's incredibly large tattoo of the action movie star's face.

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The Rock Debuted A Stand-Up Routine About ‘Hobbit Porn’ At The Improv Last Night

By | 17 Comments

The Rock has entered the world of stand-up comedy, and he's got a lot to say about hobbit porn.

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The Rock And Kevin Hart Are Teaming Up For What Sounds Kind Of Like A ‘Twins’ Remake

By | 18 Comments

Kevin Hart and The Rock are buddy spies. It's funny because they're different sizes!

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The Rock Tweeted These Phenomenal Photos Of People Dressed Up As Him, Complete With Fanny Packs

By | 10 Comments

Here's a wonderful gallery of people dressed up as a throwback version of The Rock on Halloween.

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The Rock Says He’s Never Done Steroids, Has ‘The Balls To Be Authentic’

By | 43 Comments

The Rock says he and WWE fans know he has 'the balls to be authentic.'

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The Rock Doesn’t Want To Compete At WrestleMania So He Can Protect His Best Asset

By | 27 Comments

What's the one thing that could keep The Rock from performing at WrestleMania? Y'know, besides his severe lack of conditioning.


Important: The Great Muta Wants A Match With The Rock

By | 6 Comments

It'll probably never happen, but Japanese legend The Great Muta says he wants a match with The Rock during his Hercules tour of Japan.

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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 10/6/14: A Crock Of Bull

By | 175 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for October 6, 2014, featuring a guest appearance from The Rock, a bull vs. croc battle and HOT DOG ATTACKS.

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