The Smithsonian Voluntarily Added One Of The New Mexico Atari ‘E.T.’ Cartridges To Its Collection


First a guy with extra cash bid over $1,500 on one of the recovered games. Now an esteemed institute has added it to one of its collections.


Someone Paid Over $1,500 For One Of The Excavated Atari Cartridges

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Is nostalgia worth $1,537? Someone thought so, as that's what they paid for an old, unplayable game buried in New Mexico.


Please Enjoy These Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Won’t Break The Bank

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Here are 25 pop culture Halloween costumes of varying difficulty, all unified in being creatively executed and instantly recognizable to many.


Check Out The Trailer For ‘Atari: Game Over,’ The Story Of The ‘Worst Video Game Ever’

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The trailer for the documentary 'Atari: Game Over' gives us a glimpse of the complete story of the 'E.T.' video game that ruined a company.


You Could Soon Own One Of The Legendary New Mexico Landfill Atari ‘E.T.’ Cartridges

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You could soon own a game that was once so bad, people wouldn't buy them and we buried them in the desert.

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Rick Baker’s Original E.T. Designs Are Here To Devour Your Childhood

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In his original form, E.T. would rather eat your face than Reese's Pieces.

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‘Destiny’ Could Be The Most Expensive Video Game Flop Of All Time

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Activision is spending an absolutely obscene amount of money on 'Destiny'...

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Urban Legend Confirmed: ‘E.T.’ Found In A New Mexico Landfill

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'E.T.' has just been pulled out of a New Mexico landfill, proving the gaming urban legend true. PUT THAT GARBAGE BACK WHERE IT BELONGS.

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Good News: The Excavation Of The Great Atari Video Game Burial To Continue


A documentary crew won't let an environmental agency's concerns about toxins stop them from finding out the truth behind a goofy urban legend about Atari.

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E.T. “Improved” Edition Is Dead?


Amid Lucas trying to trick us over his screwing with "Star Wars" again, we find there are filmmakers who get it.

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