You Could Soon Own One Of The Legendary New Mexico Landfill Atari ‘E.T.’ Cartridges

By | 11 Comments

You could soon own a game that was once so bad, people wouldn't buy them and we buried them in the desert.


‘Destiny’ Could Be The Most Expensive Video Game Flop Of All Time

By | 26 Comments

Activision is spending an absolutely obscene amount of money on 'Destiny'...


Urban Legend Confirmed: ‘E.T.’ Found In A New Mexico Landfill

By | 11 Comments

'E.T.' has just been pulled out of a New Mexico landfill, proving the gaming urban legend true. PUT THAT GARBAGE BACK WHERE IT BELONGS.


Good News: The Excavation Of The Great Atari Video Game Burial To Continue


A documentary crew won't let an environmental agency's concerns about toxins stop them from finding out the truth behind a goofy urban legend about Atari.

mistakes were made

E.T. “Improved” Edition Is Dead?


Amid Lucas trying to trick us over his screwing with "Star Wars" again, we find there are filmmakers who get it.

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