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The Wii U Will Have Plenty Of Games… Next Year

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Nintendo is no hurry to make you use your Wii U, if today's Nintendo Direct is any indication.

assassin's creed

‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ Drops A Bounteous Pair Of E3 Trailers

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Come at me, bro. Ubisoft unveiled two long trailers for 'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' at E3.


New ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Footage Shows Off Call Of Duty Dog

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The second gameplay video for 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' stars Riley, the Call of Duty Dog. And we're pretty sure the franchise has a new mascot.

E3 2013

Gazing Into The Gaming Crystal Ball: GammaSquad’s E3 Predictions And Odds

By | 24 Comments

What's going to happen next week at E3? We lay down the odds...


The Basic Wii U Might Be Gone For Good

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The Basic Wii U might be a little too basic.

deus ex

‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Will Apparently Be At E3

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'Deus Ex: The Fall' will be offering multiple paths to butt-kicking at E3, or at least that's what Eidos is hinting.


Ouya Becomes The Latest To Ditch E3

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The Ouya will be at E3, actually. Just not at the actual trade show.


5 Reasons the Wii U is Doomed and 5 More Reasons it May Not Be

By | 12 Comments

So, Nintendo's E3 press conference -- it was, to put it mildly, pretty damn awful.


What If Nintendo's E3 Presentation Were Honest?

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As we all know, <a href="">Nintendo whiffed it at E3 this year</a>.

Crysis 3

Quick 'N Dirty EA and Ubisoft Press Conference Recaps. Check out Footage of Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Dead Space 3 and More!

By | 3 Comments

Over the past couple days we've covered the E3 press conferences of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, but what about 3rd parties.


Halo 4 Trailer And Gameplay Video Is Sort Of Okay

By | 3 Comments

Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger could survive this one, bro.


E3 Predictions — The Likely to Not So Likely Things We're Going to See From Sony, EA and Activision

By | 4 Comments

Yesterday I put on my games journalism hat, tapped into my deep well of inside sources and rocked the industry with my <a href="" target="_blank">E3 predictions for Nintendo and Microsoft</a>, and I'm not done yet.


E3 Predictions — The Likely to Not So Likely Things We're Going to See From Microsoft and Nintendo

By | 4 Comments

Whoa, hey, E3 is like, next week guys, which means I need to start making some predictions.

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