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Of Course Miesha Tate Beat Ronda Rousey In The EA Sports UFC Cover Tournament

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Despite the fact that she's 0-1 in the UFC and 0-1 against Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate defeated the champ in the UFC/EA Sports cover contest.


You Can Now Vote For Which Fighter Will Make The Cover Of EA’s UFC Game

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The UFC and EA are giving UFC fans the chance to vote for which fighter they'd like to see join Jon Jones on the cover of the new video game.


‘NBA Live ’13′ Finally Gets A Mercy Killing

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'NBA Live '13' is no more, except as a case study in why making a sports game is harder than you may think.


Coming To Theaters: The Madden Curse

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When Hollywood studios aren’t insulting us with films based on <a href="">Candyland</a> and <a href="">Where’s Waldo?</a>, they’re making terrible sports movies about dogs that can play football and Freddie Prinze Jr.


Has Wonderbra Changed The Ad Game?

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Advertising is a fickle mistress - when it’s successful we buy, and when it’s really successful we buy into wizardry.


Former NFL Players Suing EA Sports

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A class action lawsuit of more than 6,000 former NFL players has been filed against EA Sports, as the athletes claim that the video game company used their likenesses to profit without offering any financial compensation.

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