Fifa 15

At Least It’s Not Baseball: Honest Trailers Takes On ‘FIFA 15′


Prepare yourself Europeans, Honest Trailers is taking on a FIFA game.


Check Out Bruce Lee Kicking Ass In The Newest Trailer For EA Sports UFC

By | 7 Comments

When Bruce Lee tells you to be water, you'd better get to being water...or else.


Of Course Miesha Tate Beat Ronda Rousey In The EA Sports UFC Cover Tournament

By | 12 Comments

Despite the fact that she's 0-1 in the UFC and 0-1 against Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate defeated the champ in the UFC/EA Sports cover contest.


You Can Now Vote For Which Fighter Will Make The Cover Of EA’s UFC Game

By | 4 Comments

The UFC and EA are giving UFC fans the chance to vote for which fighter they'd like to see join Jon Jones on the cover of the new video game.


Let’s Discuss ‘Madden 25′

By | 6 Comments

Preface: This is my third year reviewing the game and it goes pretty decently so far with you guys clicking on it and everything.


College Athletes Can Now Sue EA Sports For Using Their Images In Video Games

By | 13 Comments

While the sports world burns on a potential Alex Rodriguez lifetime ban and what ESPN <a href="">was probably-maybe trying to do</a> with its recent Johnny Manziel profile, the Ed O'Bannon class action suit against the NCAA just got juicier.

xbox one

EA Debuts Next-Gen Trailers For ‘Madden 25,’ ‘NBA Live 14,’ ‘FIFA 14′

By | 11 Comments

One of the best way to observe technological jumps from video game generation to video game generation is by observing sports games.

xbox 360

Fox In The Box: FIFA 13 Review

By | 8 Comments

Fans allow football to tug at their heart strings weekend in and out.

nba live

‘NBA Live ’13’ Finally Gets A Mercy Killing

By | 12 Comments

'NBA Live '13' is no more, except as a case study in why making a sports game is harder than you may think.


Airball!: NBA Live 13 Canceled

By | 33 Comments

EA Sports has its share of keepers but their NBA Live series wasn't in the same pedigree as their top performers.

Wii U

Snoop Lion, Lionel Messi & Andrew Luck “Join The Club” In FIFA 13 Ad

By | 6 Comments

There's not much Electronic Arts can do to get fans of the popular FIFA video game series anymore excited about the upcoming 2013 title.


The Pitch Isn’t Perfect: 10 Fixes FIFA 13 Desperately Needs

By | 12 Comments

Virtual footballers about two weeks removed from finally playing the next installment of FIFA.


Plenty Of Flair To Spare: FIFA Street Review

By | 4 Comments

The beautiful game quickly goes sour when there's no suspense on the pitch.


It’s Tricky, Tricky, Tricky: SSX Review

By | 7 Comments

With all due respect to Tony Hawk, Nintendo 64’s 1080 Snowboarding created the blueprint for “action sports” video games.

tim tebow

Welcome Home: The Nike Trainer 1.2 “Tim Tebow”

By | 9 Comments

The "Tebow's Trainers" have always been one of two highly elusive Trainers (the other being <a href="">the Manny Pacquiao "Lights Out" joints</a>) to snag in my size.


Shoot It And Boot It: FIFA Soccer 12 Review

By | 9 Comments

Fun, frustrating, engaging and at times seemingly fixed, these are just a few qualities pertinent to the beautiful game.

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