Flying From An Eagle’s Point Of View


Experience what it's like to majestically soar through a French mountain range, courtesy of a GoPro-equipped eagle.


Bald Eagle Steals Fish Right Off Fisherman’s Line


A fisherman has a fish stolen right off his line by a bald eagle, and his reaction is priceless.


Flying Robots Can Now Swoop Down And Grab You

By | 13 Comments

Thanks to the wonders of biomimicry, someday robots will be able to swoop down from the sky and carry us off. That's... that's just great.


Injured Bald Eagle Gets New 3-D Printed Beak


Beauty the bald eagle was shot in the face by a poacher in 2005, damaging her beak so badly she  was on track to be euthanized.


Mid-Air Eagle Fight


When a freeloader shows up on their turf, a pair of eagles take to the sky for a whirling battle of wills.


Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds to star in ‘The Derp That Queefed’

By | 19 Comments

Despite The Proposal earning $315 million on a $40 million budget, Disney nixed plans for a sequel earlier this year.


Chromeo – “Night By Night”

By | 6 Comments

This summer I was opening up about the hankering I'd had for some new material from the essential non-rap music group in my mind, Chromeo.


Chromeo x The Eagles x DJ Kicks

By | 10 Comments

I've been waiting for new Chromeo music like Tigers fans have been waiting on another championship.

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