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How The Trail Blazers’ Offseason Turned Them Into Real Contenders For The Playoffs


Aside from the 2012-13 ROY Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers fans did not have a lot to get excited about last season.


Clippers Forward Matt Barnes Weds In Front Of A Star-Studded NBA Crowd & A Drunk Pelican


The Clippers' defensive-minded small forward, Matt Barnes, got married to Gloria Govan last weekend in front of some of his LA teammates, including groomsmen DeAndre Jordan.


Jeremy Evans Dunks Over Earl Watson

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I'm pretty sure the title explains everything you need to know.


Report: D-League’s Jamaal Tinsley To Sign With The Utah Jazz

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Chances are Jamaal Tinsley was going to be the first Gatorade Call-Up of the 2011-12 NBA Development League season, but the Jazz beat 'em to the punch.

Troy Murphy

Fantasy Trade Analysis: Deron Williams To The Nets

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The big NBA news today (so far, at least) is a deal that sends Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, two first-round draft picks and $3 million.

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8.13 The Cooler

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Elizabeth Velasquez 10 Rappers Who Could Be President One Day [The BVX] NBA Player Accuses Wife of Vicious Attack [TMZ] Vanessa Hudgens Slightly Cold After Her Workout [Moe Jackson] The 50 Greatest Saturday Morning Cartoons [Complex] Concert Promoter Sues Bootleggers Before Concert Takes Place [...].

Troy Murphy

The Pacers Need a Point Guard

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As the end of the NBA regular season draws near, fans of the forgotten Lottery squads all ask themselves one question: Should we start tanking games now to get a better draft pick.

Troy Murphy

The trade bringing Evan Turner, Elton Brand to Indiana

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The funniest thing about the NBA Draft Lottery is how team reps try to balance acting happy about getting a high pick with looking sufficiently disappointed that their team was bad enough to end up at the Lottery in the first place.


Is Danny Granger a Franchise Player?

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Around this time last year, the Indiana Pacers were in pretty good shape.

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Highlight Factory comes to Miami

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Hawks/Heat was only notable last season for being the worst playoff series of '09: A brutal seven-game stretch of blowouts, dead crowds, a subpar Joe Johnson, an exhausted D-Wade, and some good ol' Pat Riley-approved '90s Knicks prison yard basketball sprinkled in here and there.


Earl Watson Sinks Half Court Shot At The Buzzer

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Earl Watson is not normally one for YouTube highlights (or at least ones of his own), but this shot in last night's game against the Bulls is kind of nasty.


Nuggetz With Attitude

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There were just too many elements conspiring against the Mavs going into last night's game in Denver.

TJ Ford

T.J. Ford is back

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Anybody who's followed the Pacers over the past couple of seasons would understand why T.

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Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 1.14

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Beast of the Night: Aaron Brooks exploded for 43 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal and 1 turnover, while chipping in 6 threes, shooting 47 percent (14-30) from the field and 75 percent (9-12) from the line.


Almost Caught Slippin’

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Seeing as Rasheed Wallace didn't even bother combing his hair, you kind of got the impression early on that Boston was taking the Pacers lightly -- and that was before the C's fell behind by double-digits in the first quarter.

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