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Has Your City Been Destroyed In A Disaster Movie?

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Blowing stuff up is fun, which is why we've made this list of the cities Hollywood likes to oft-destroy in movies. Is your city on the list?

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The Rock, Earthquakes, And Alexandra Daddario In The First Trailer For ‘San Andreas’

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The Rock fights the Earthquakes that rumble Alexandra Daddario's boobs.


This Beleaguered Homeowner Dropped The F-Bomb During Live Earthquake Coverage

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We're on your side, guy whose house was just ruined. It is pretty f'ed up.


Here’s A Howard Stern Fan Pranking CNN During Coverage Of The California Earthquake

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CNN falls for one of the oldest pranks in the book and Howard Stern is getting all the credit.


A Strong Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hit The Northern San Francisco Bay Area

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A strong earthquake shook the northern San Francisco Bay Area, causing damage and rattling nerves early this morning.

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Wrestling Game Vs. Wrestling Reality: WWF WrestleFest

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Was the classic arcade game 'WWF WrestleFest' better than Earthquake sitting on Hulk Hogan?


The Best Twitter Reactions To This Morning’s Los Angeles Earthquake

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As usual, Twitter provided the best insight into the 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles this morning.

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The KTLA Anchor’s Face When This Morning’s Earthquake Hit Is Why Live TV Is The Best

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Chris Schauble's face the moment it went down is undeniably the GREATEST earthquake face.


Small Earthquake Rattles Slow News Night


A 3.6 earthquake rattled Northern California on Sunday night, and it is not the megaquake that many in the area had anticipated as their imminent demise.


Terror Strikes The Lakers: Dwight Howard Was Pooping During Monday’s Earthquake


While new Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard waits for the doorways and halls to be raised in his new home in HELL Newport Beach, he’s currently staying at a posh hotel in Beverly Hills.


Athletes Take To Twitter For The Great East Coast Earthquake Of 2011

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Unless you’re still locked away in your fallout shelter, you already know that yesterday’s 5.


Never Forget Ninja Corgi and the Links


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What’s The Latest From Japan?


Things continue to get worse for the Japanese people after the 8.

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