The First Photos Of The Rock Fighting Earthquakes In ‘San Andreas’ Don’t Show Any Earthquakes

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Weeks after marketing meetings, Dwayne Johnson and friends decide to try and scare audiences into seeing the film. Original, no?


Chinese Reporter Covers Earthquake in Wedding Dress


Dedicated reporter Chen Ying didn't let her wedding day get in the way of reporting on China's devastating earthquake, springing into action without changing out of her wedding dress.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Earthquake Prank


Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street if they felt an earthquake that never happened.

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Foo Fighters Concert Causes Minor Earthquake Tremors In New Zealand

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A few weeks ago I went to a Foo Fighters concert in New York at Madison Square Garden and it was honestly one of the a$s-kickingest shows I've seen in a while -- I thought the roof was gonna come off the place at various points.


Real Life Police Precog Program Doesn’t Need Creepy Wet Mutants

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Giving cops the ability to predict future crimes sure sounds like a great idea (as long as Tom Cruise isn't involved), but how do you do it.

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