#Oscars 2015

Here Are Your 2015 Oscar Presenters And Performers

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Performers include Lady Gaga, Jack Black, Anna Kendrick and Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island.


What Exactly Did David Spade Do That Made Eddie Murphy Stay Away From ‘SNL’?

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During Norm Macdonald's Twitter binge, he mentioned that David Spade offended Eddie Murphy. So what did he say?


Bill Cosby Has Weighed In On Eddie Murphy’s Decision To Not Impersonate Him On #SNL40

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Bill Cosby seems relieved to find out that another comedic icon didn't want to take a shot at him on 'SNL'


The Amazing Story Behind Bill Murray’s Lost Theme From ‘Jaws’ On ‘SNL 40′

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How did Lorne Michaels secure the rights to 'Jaws' only hours before 'SNL 40' aired?

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Eddie Murphy Was Supposed To Appear In #SNL40’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy,’ According To Norm Macdonald

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Norm Macdonald went on a fantastic twitter binge about #SNL40, Celebrity Jeopardy, and how he tried to get Eddie Murphy into the sketch.

#SNL Scorecard

‘SNL’ Scorecard: #SNL40 Was A Fitting Tribute, Though We Hope You Didn’t Blink And Miss Eddie Murphy

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Sunday night was the "SNL" 40th anniversary show. We were onsite at 30 Rock for the festivities, did the show live up to the hype?

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‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1980s

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The '80s were a transitional time for 'Saturday Night Live' featuring a ton of talent. Where are they now?


Eddie Murphy Is Returning To ‘SNL’ For The First Time Since 1984

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One of the greatest "SNL" cast members of all-time is coming back after 30 years away.

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Here’s The Eddie Murphy Sketch Fans Voted As The Best ‘SNL’ Sketch Of The ’80s

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'Saturday Night Live' fans have spoken and they have chosen to honor one of Eddie Murphy's most iconic sketches as the best of the 1980s.


How ‘Trading Places’ Inspired ‘The Eddie Murphy Rule’ In 2010’s Sweeping Wall Street Reform Bill

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The 1983 comedy 'Trading Places' revealed a loophole in in commodities exchanges that the Eddie Murphy rule was designed to close.


The Story Behind Chris Rock’s Firing From ‘Saturday Night Live’

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Chris Rock was fired from 'SNL,' but managed to form one of the most successful careers ever. Here's how it happened.


The Anti-Gillys: 20 ‘SNL’ Characters We Never Got Tired Of Seeing

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Recurring characters on "SNL" are fine, so long as they're not Gilly.

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Here Are The All-Time Most Successful ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Members At The Box Office

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The most successful 'SNL' cast members include a mix of those who had a huge impact on the show and those who had very little impact.


So It Turns Out Every Guest Was Probably Drunk On Jay Leno’s ‘The Tonight Show’

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Quentin Tarantino was slurring his words, Eddie Murphy was a diva, and Christian Bale had Pac-Man fever!

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