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A New ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Will Star Felicity Jones (And Possibly Aaron Paul, Too)


The lead has been chosen for Gareth Edward's 'Star Wars' spin-off, a new writer is on board, and Aaron Paul may also join the cast.

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Edgar Ramirez Might Replace Gerard Butler In The Unnecessary ‘Point Break’ Remake


Now that Gerard Butler has bailed for 'London Has Fallen,' Alcon has picked Edgar Ramirez to replace him in the 'Point Break' remake.


Robert De Niro Is Looking Pretty Serious In The First Still For ‘Hands Of Stone’


In 'Hands of Stone,' Robert De Niro plays boxing trainer Ray Arcel, who was in Roberto DurĂ¡n's when he quit during his rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard.

#Star Trek

Benicio Del Toro’s Replacement In Star Trek 2 Is Auditioning Via Skype

Hey, how'd this guy get in my well-appointed living room.


Which Character Actor Is Superman Kneeling Before, Anyway?

So Viggo Mortensen, realizing he has enough money and nerd adoration, won't be playing Zod, which is probably good since he already has enough people trying to kneel before him anyway.

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