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Dear Nintendo: Just Put Out A Digital-Only Set-Top Box Already

By | 13 Comments

Nintendo needs to put out a set-top box. Here's why.


Why Italy Convicting Seismologists Is Bad For Science

By | 14 Comments

The only thing Italy should be convicting them of is doing their jobs.


Why The Internet Making Us More Callous Is a Good Thing

By | 8 Comments

You hear it a lot: people on the Internet are mean.

big ideas

Dear EA: Let The Fans Take Over the Servers You Want to Shut Down

By | 6 Comments

It feels like every year, we go through this ritual.


Why I Won't Be Buying an iPad

By | 5 Comments

<a href=""></a>Realistically, I should be squarely in Apple's sights: Apple fanboy, love of gadgets, shameless trend whore.


Why It’s Absolutely Reasonable To Hate “Call of Duty”

By | 4 Comments

In light of <a href="">my mixed review</a>, <a href="">I got sent this link to a Kotaku editorial by Luke Plunkett about a million billion times over the weekend</a>, usually accompanied with something like "Don't hate" or an invitation to violate a couple of laws of anatomy and local sodomy statutes which I probably did anyway because I lived alone in my mom's basement, so there.

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