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Why Microsoft Needs To Take Points Off Of Xbox Live

By | 8 Comments

Xbox Live has enough problems, it doesn't need Points on top of that.

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The Case Against Multiplayer Games

By | 18 Comments

Multiplayer lets you share your incompetence and misanthropy with the entire world. Great, because we didn't already have that.

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Here’s Why I Won’t Be Reviewing ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ (UPDATED)

By | 21 Comments

Ubisoft decides if you dislike digital torture with no scientific or factual basis in reality, you must not like awkward political realities. Sure, right.


Ugh, Horror Movie Season Is Coming

By | 11 Comments

Not because I'm scared of the movies. But because I'm afraid of the boring "horror" movies I might have to sit through.

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The Nerd-Shamers Are Now Going After Women. Uh, Yay?

By | 14 Comments

A writer from 'Girls' would like to tell other women how much they suck. But to nerds, it's a very, very familiar refrain.

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Five Ways Military Shooters Are Starting To Cross The Line

By | 31 Comments

FPS games are fun. It's when they start pretending they're reality that maybe we need to start asking a few hard questions.

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Are Used Games Really Pushing Consoles Towards Multiplayer?

By | 8 Comments

Frontier Developments' David Braben recently weighed in on why so, so many games are going with a deep multiplayer mode at the possible cost of a strong single-player campaign.

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