Kobe Bryant Speaks Of True Adversity At Trayvon Martin Rally

By | 21 Comments

One of Los Angeles' biggest celebrities makes his presence felt.


8 Important Life Lessons We Learned By Watching ‘The Wood’

By | 30 Comments

Game taught by arguably the best trio of friends in urban cinema.


The One Hit Song Lupe Fiasco Was Forced To Make

By | 40 Comments

Talks relationships with Kanye and Jay.


On My Dad, Freedom Summer And The Infinite Beauty Of Borrowed Time

By | 26 Comments

Reflecting on my father's Freedom Summer experience 50 years later.


A Proclamation From The Black Delegation In Regards To O.J. Simpson

By | 38 Comments

WHEREAS Most Black people never really even gave a s*** about OJ in the first place.


Rap Genius Co-Founder Mahbod Maghadam Resigns Over Santa Barbara Shooting Comments

By | 8 Comments

Maghadam penchant for crass remarks finally catches up with him.


Tupac’s Last Words Were Classic Tupac

By | 28 Comments

A Las Vegas cop reveals the legendary rapper's supposed final words.

#Kanye West

Meet The Man Endorsing Kanye For Mayor Of Chicago

By | 17 Comments

A Chicago artist believes Yeezy is the only person who could challenge Rahm Emanuel in 2015.

The Medicine Men

Sound Breakdown: Craig B’s “Hot Boys and Girls”

By | 3 Comments

Beat By The Pound made some classics. Here is one of those hidden gems.

#Kanye West

Sound Breakdown: DJ Toomp’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

By | 17 Comments

Much like the pink polo, Kanye somehow managed to be street with no thuggery at all. For that, Toomp deserves a share of the credit.


On Solange, #BringBackOurGirls And The High Horse To Nowhere

By | 38 Comments

I'm a human being with a mostly-functioning brain. Which means I have the ability to think about two things over the course of a day. It's a perk of evolution.


Dr. Dre Offered Keys To Compton, So What Should He Do With Them?

By | 27 Comments

It's time for the producer and businessman to give back to the community that raised him.

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