Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin Speaks On How TDE Changed The Game, Iggy Azalea And Producing On The ‘Talking Points’ Podcast

By | 3 Comments

Terrace Martin shares insights on TDE's success, Iggy Azalea and what it takes to be a producer on the 'Talking Points' podcast.


The Hypocrisy Of Karl Malone’s Call For Black Accountability

By | 55 Comments

Should Karl Malone lecture Black people on accountability?


Disposable Rap: Why Album Release Dates Are Irrelevant

By | 28 Comments

In the digital age, why would rap need album release dates anymore?

#Grammys 2015

Here Are Five Times When The Grammys Actually Got The Rap Category Right

By | 37 Comments

Recalling the few times Grammys did botch the Rap category.

Suge Knight

The Complete Timeline Of Suge Knight’s History Of Violence

By | 30 Comments

A run-down of all the violent incidents Suge Knight's been involved in over the past few decades.

Talking Points Podcast

Singer Sid Sriram Explains How To Separate The Music From The Business

By | 2 Comments

Sid Sriaram is the latest guest for the Talking Points podcast.

#music videos

The Primer: 10 Above The Law Songs Everyone Should Know

By | 5 Comments

The quintessential tracks from one of Cali's most heralded groups.


Tiny Doo Tells CNN Prosecutors In His Song Lyrics Case Are ‘Trying To Eradicate Black Men’

By | 16 Comments

Rapper Tiny Doo appears on CNN to talk about his court case over song lyrics.


Millennial Music: 10 Great Albums Turning 10 In 2015

By | 52 Comments

2005 produced some pretty stellar albums and we've highlighted 10 of the most memorable ones.

The Primer Series

The Primer: 10 Eightball And MJG Songs Everyone Should Know

By | 44 Comments

The 10 Eightball and MJG songs every rap fan should know.


How Kendrick Lamar Dropped The Ball With His Ferguson Comments

By | 153 Comments

Kendrick Lamar's comments on Ferguson, Missouri draw angry responses from the online community.

#Kanye West

Yeezy’s Clique: The Kanye West Co-Producers Who Deserve More Credit

By | 47 Comments

Taking a look into the producers who help make Kanye great.

#music videos

Watch Diplo’s Weird Pseudo-Documentary ‘FL10RIDA,’ Now With More M.I.A.


Watch Diplo's 'F10RIDA' documentary, a companion piece for the album reissue.


As Streams Increase, Rap Album Sales Took A Huge Hit In 2014

By | 20 Comments

Rap and R&B suffer the biggest declines in albums sales in 2014.

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