Edward Norton Says They Intentionally Made Him Look Small Next To Bill Hader’s Stefon On #SNL40


Did you noticed Edward Norton's Stefon looked much smaller than Bill Hader's Stefon on #SNL40? That was not unintentional!

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Having A Ball Talking About DeflateGate (And Seahorses) With Edward Norton

Jimmy Kimmel could not get enough of Deflategate's ball jokes, including in this clip with Oscar nominee Edward Norton.

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Review: Birdman. Birdman Forever. Believe The Hype. Birdman.


Birdman is Louie meets Black Swan and it's amazing.

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David Fincher Recruited Julia Louis-Dreyfus To Play Marla, And Other ‘Fight Club’ Facts No One Talks About


Let's break the first rule of Fight Club and discuss these fascinating facts about the film.

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Michael Keaton Is Losing His Damn Mind In The ‘Birdman’ International Trailer


The international trailer for 'Birdman' reveals Michael Keaton as a washed up actor struggling to escape the shadow of a hero he played.


Here Are Ten Incredibly Logical Choices To Play The New Male Lead in ‘True Detective’


Ten talented Hollywood actors who might fit the 'True Detective' profile, and whose schedules would make doing the series possible.


Saturday Night Live's Fake Wes Anderson Horror Trailer Was Pretty Accurate


Edward Norton gave his best Owen Wilson impression in Saturday Night Live's fake Wes Anderson horror film trailer.


'SNL' Recap: Edward Norton And Janelle Monáe


A recap of last night's "SNL" with Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Alec Baldwin, and Miley Cyrus.

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TRAILER: Grand Budapest Hotel is Wes Anderson at his Andersoniest


The ending of Moonrise Kingdom ended up winning me over, but for a lot of it I couldn't help feeling like Wes Anderson was flirting with self-parody.


These ‘Fight Club’ I Am Jack’s ____ GIFs Are Pretty Cool

Since we're -- holy sh*t I'm old -- over a decade removed from Fight Club I find myself reflecting on it less and less but thanks to intrepid GIF wizards on Tumblr I still get to appreciate the film more than I ever would otherwise.


Bret Easton Ellis still beefing with NIkki Finke, reveals possible NEW beef with Edward Norton


Bret Easton Ellis's feud with Deadline blogger Nikki Finke (which started over Ellis's innocuous tweet about them living in the same building) was probably the highlight of my Monday, because it's always fun when someone craps on Nikki Finke.

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Moonrise Kingdom something something Shirtless Bill Murray


Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom opens May 25th and today four new charmingly glib featurettes are online, narrated by Bob Balaban ("Balaban" backwards is "Nabalab").

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Josh Brolin & Edward Norton Kiss For Jimmy Kimmel's Amazing 'Movie, The Movie'

I meant to watch Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar bash last night, I swear I did, but by the time the most insufferable awards show of them all was done I just couldn't stomach any more of anything having to do with Hollywood, so I turned to the new episode of "Eastbound & Down" on my DVR to help me chase the demons away.


Trailer: Bourne’s Legacy gets Renner’d


The trailer for The Bourne Legacy, the fourth movie of the Bourne series with new star Jeremy Renner and new director Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, Duplicity), appears below.

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DROP EVERYTHING! The new Bill Murray/Wes Anderson has a trailer.


Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson movie starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Francis McDormand, Tilda Swinton, and Jason Schwartzman has a trailer out, and I don't know what else a person could possibly need to know about it other than that cast.

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