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The ‘Elementary’ Writers Engaged The ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Writers In An Epic (And Adorable) Twitter Fight

By | 27 Comments

Yesterday, the writers from CBS' 'Elementary' got into it with the 'Sleepy Hollow' writers on Twitter.


Let’s Recognize The 2013 Emmy Nominees For Best Television Theme Song And Main Title Sequence

By | 17 Comments

Often overlooked Emmy categories: Theme Song and Main Title Design (i.e., the opening credits).


10 TV Shows That Are Much Better Than You Probably Think They Are

By | 156 Comments

Ten TV shows that you may have wrongfully dismissed early on that are much better than the premise or the marketing makes them out to be.


Weekend Preview: Ray Lewis Will Eat Your Children

By | 15 Comments

Only one real highlight that matters: The biggest ratings events of the year.

1600 PENN

5 Shows Certain To Be Renewed And 5 Shows Certain To Be Canceled

By | 53 Comments

A cursory look at the renewal and cancelation prospects for 10 shows currently on the network schedule.


How Does CBS’s ‘Elementary’ Stack Up Against Five Of The Best Post-Super Bowl Lead-Out Programs

By | 13 Comments

If you were thinking that this year you'd avoid binge drinking during the semi-annual Patriots vs.


Benedict Cumberbatch Is Not Pleased About CBS's New Sherlock Holmes Show

By | 27 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch discussed CBS's new Sherlock Holmes show 'Elementary,' and he is NOT happy about it.


Which of CBS's Four New Shows Is the Worst? It's Elementary, My Dear

By | 19 Comments

CBS, which is the top-rated network among all viewers <a href="">for the reasons that I explained yesterday</a>, is introducing only four new shows to their geriatric slate of procedurals: One bad comedy, and one iffy drama, and two bad procedurals, one of which makes me want to strangle kittens.

Big Bang Theory

CBS's Fall Schedule Is Still Pleasing to Your Doddering Old Grandparents

By | 20 Comments

FACT: The average age of a CBS viewer if 55 years old, and that even takes into account the younger age of "Big Bang Theory" and "2 Broke Girls" viewers, so if you take those two sitcoms out of the equation, the average age of a CBS viewer is probably pushing 60.

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