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Watch An Entire Herd Of Elephants Help A Baby Elephant Who’s Just Too Tired To Walk


There's a reason baby elephants are the best baby animals in the world.

Far Cry 4

New ‘Far Cry 4′ Trailer Explains That An Elephant Never Forgets To Kill


'Far Cry 4' is an educational game, it turns out. The lesson is, "Don't mess with elephants, because they'll kill you."

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Raju The Elephant Wept During His Harrowing Rescue After 50 Years Of Captivity And Torture


Even after 50 years of abuse at the hands of humans, this elephant was still grateful and relieved to see his rescuers.


A Rampaging Elephant Destroyed A House And Then Stopped To Save A Crying Baby Trapped Inside


Good thing this elephant managed to save the baby, we'd be too running in the other direction.


How Did The Cardinals And Red Sox Make It To The World Series? Elephants, Of Course!


According to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, their elephants helped the Cardinals and Red Sox make the World Series.


Here’s A Video Of An Elephant Wearing Jeans. You’re Welcome.


Sometimes an elephant wears jeans and enters a beauty pageant.


Elephant Cleans His Head With A Broom

A clever elephant takes his personal hygiene into his own hands.


Baby Elephant Plays In Pool

Belle the three-week-old Asian elephant cools off in her inflatable pool at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.


Everything Seems Sad Today, So Let’s Play Catch With An Elephant

Yesterday was brutal, so if things aren't funny today, that's probably a normal reaction.


Baby Elephants Give The Best Hugs

Tara the two-month-old elephant tries to give a hug but it's more like a loving trample.


Sleepy Baby Elephant

An adorable baby elephant at the Berlin Zoo just wants to rest, but its strict mother is in no mood for laziness.


Elephant Plays Piano

Peter the elephant discovers a piano and participates in a duet.


Baby Elephant Takes First Bath

Six-day-old Navaan has his first encounter with water at the Elephant Nature Park.


Elephants Waving Goodbye

A trio of elephants wave goodbye to onlookers.


Baby Elephant Rescued From a Well

Amazing footage of the good people from the Absoeli Trust for Elephants rescuing a baby elephant that had fallen into a well before reuniting it with its mother.


This Elephant is a Jerk

An elephant releases some pent up aggression on a zoo visitor -- by effortlessly flicking poop all over him.


Stretching Elephant

This is what it would probably look like if an elephant stretched its hamstring before a big race.


GTA IV Elephant Mod

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Grand Theft Auto IV as a laser-shooting elephant.


Crocodile Bites Drinking Elephant

The very definition of biting off more than you can chew.


Baby Elephant Born in Berlin

Staff at the Berlin Zoo are celebrating the safe arrival of their newest addition - a 350 pound elephant calf born three days ago.

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