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Watch As This Man Frantically Tries To Stop An Out Of Control Elevator From Crashing Into The Roof


A malfunction caused this elevator to race up 31 stories in 15 seconds, giving this Chilean man the scare of his life.

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Atlanta Train Station Elevators Are Now Armed With Piss Detectors


Apparently, subway elevators are so stinky Atlanta took drastic action.


Tiny Dog Narrowly Escapes Death In Scary Elevator Mishap

A pug on a leash nearly suffers an ugly demise in this heart-pounding security footage.


Elevator Weatherman Prank

Don't make small talk about the weather to Greg Benson unless you're ready for a complete forecast.

#Star Wars

Star Wars Elevator Prank

A couple of pranksters fool their elevator companions with a clever illusion.


The Dropping Head Prank (Elevator Edition)

Magician Rich Ferguson scares people with his Dropping Head Prank as they get on the elevator.


Creepy Elevator Prank

A truly terrifying elevator prank is pulled on several victims for the Silvio Santos Program in Brazil.


Elevator Floor Prank

To showcase the lifelike colors of their new displays, LG put them on the floor of an elevator and scared passengers into thinking the bottom was falling out.

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