So Much For Elin: Tiger Woods Is Apparently Dating Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

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Two weeks ago, there was a juicy HOTT GOSS rumor floating around that Tiger Woods was offering his ex-wife Elin Nordegren $200 million to remarry him, and he was backing that up with an additional $350 million prenuptial agreement.


Apparently Tiger Woods Is Trying To Re-Marry His Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren

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There once was a time when someone would send me a story that started off with “According to the National Enquirer…” and it would go into my deleted bin right after I’d send a quick “Come on, bro” response to that bro.


8.1 The Cooler

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Kansas Patrick NBC Critic's Twitter Account Reinstated [CNN] Social Media Plays Olympic Spoiler [Daily Beast] Are You Living Or Just Surviving.


Here’s The NHL Dude Bro That’s Dating Elin Nordegren’s Giant Pile Of Money

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I watched Goon last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it in a “Yeah, this is bad but it’s still charming” kind of way, so I’m in the mood to carry over that joy for a real life goon like San Jose Sharks defenseman Douglas Murray (above, showing us the denim goods).


Elin Nordegren Is Not A Heartless Monster

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Two weeks ago, we mentioned that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren (inset, attractive) had bulldozed her $12 million home, with very little reasoning or explanation other than she didn’t like it.


Now You See It…

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After it was revealed that Tiger Woods had snogged just about every Perkins waitress, porn star and party girl on both sides of the Mississippi during his marriage, it seemed pretty obvious that his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, was going to hold him upside down and shake him until every last penny of his billion dollar net worth fell out.


El Tigre Is Back, Baby!

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The past two years have been pretty tough on Tiger Woods, what with that whole wife finding out that he was banging escorts, porn stars and Perkins waitresses and then that whole other plummeting to 52nd on the World Golf Rankings because he suddenly sucks.


Is Tiger’s Sexy Love Boat For Sale?

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Yesterday, celebrity gossip morons across the Internet "reported" that golfer and orgy enthusiast Tiger Woods was selling his massive yacht, "Privacy", for $25 million.


Tiger Woods Has A New Girlfriend

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If you’re like me you spend a lot of time concerned about the love lives of the world’s wealthiest professional athletes.


3.21 The Cooler

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Kali Lynn AT&T Buying T-Mobile For $39 Billion [Silicon Valley Insider] Good Black Samaritan Fights Guy For Hitting Woman On Bus [TUD] Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Purchases New Home Worth Over $12 Million [Yardbarker] Porn Sites Get New.


Elin Woods Does Interview To Tell Everyone That She Won’t Be Doing Interviews

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Elin Woods has broken her silence, and I'd like to think that she did it with the cutest little Swedish accent.


Tiger Tiger Woods, Y’all

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Tiger Woods announced today, in what was probably the stiffest performance he's given since his last trip to Vegas (AYoooo.



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Elin Nordegren, that hot Swedish broad that Tiger Woods allegedly impregnated in wedlock, will be seeking a divorce from the husband father athlete of the decade.


I Think Tiger Wears Beer Goggles…

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By the time you read this, another alleged Tiger mistress will have revealed herself.


Why Tiger’s Wife Is To Blame…

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This post wasn't made to condone Tiger's "transgressions" in the slightest.


Tiger Woods Ain’t No Snitch.

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Well, this is quite a pickle Tiger is in.

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